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Words related to sleet

partially melted snow (or a mixture of rain and snow)

precipitate as a mixture of rain and snow

References in classic literature ?
Shaking off the sleet from my ice-glazed hat and jacket, I seated myself near the door, and turning sideways was surprised to see Queequeg near me.
The fitful bursts of sleet had changed into a steady rain and the horses had heavy work even without a load behind them.
I saw a light moving about the house, and being nearly blinded by the sleet, and half frozen besides, drove in at the gate and put up my horse in the old rail stable, where it is now.
The climate is certainly wretched: the summer solstice was now passed, yet every day snow fell on the hills, and in the valleys there was rain, accompanied by sleet.
In another harbour not far distant, a woman, who was suckling a recently-born child, came one day alongside the vessel, and remained there out of mere curiosity, whilst the sleet fell and thawed on her naked bosom, and on the skin of her naked baby
The sheep stopped in their eating and looked timidly at us; and the cattle, their heads turned from the wind and sleet, stared angrily as if they held us responsible for both annoyances; but, except these things, and the shudder of the dying day in every blade of grass, there was no break in the bleak stillness of the marshes.
We were again upon the melancholy road by which we had come, tearing up the miry sleet and thawing snow as if they were torn up by a waterwheel.
During the day, the least precipitation will be in the east and northeast of Bosnia, where some rain and sleet is possible locally.
IRELAND was hit by an Arctic weather snap last night with snow, ice and sleet making driving conditions hazardous.
A spokesman said: "A spell of rain, quickly turning to sleet and snow, will move southeast across the UK on Monday night and Tuesday.
A spell of rain, sleet and snow is expected to move east across the country on Monday night and Tuesday, gradually towards the North West, according to the Met Office.
The Met Office has forecast a spell of rain, sleet and snow to move east across the UK on Monday night and Tuesday.
GRITTING teams were out in force again yesterday after snow and sleet brought chaos to Huddersfield roads and the M62 on Tuesday night.
Temperatures could fall as low as -4C with snow and sleet, say weathermen.
Sleet and freezing rain were expected in eastern Arkansas, west Tennessee and parts of Mississippi.