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ready to fall asleep

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sleepy-eyed, like the slime-impaired sight of primeval sludgers,
He is planning to offer sleepy-eyed city residents a choice ofmorning delicacies from full fry ups to American-style pancakes with fresh berries and syrup at the end of a telephone line.
It's a concept not lost on the sleepy-eyed Riverside support, with only 14,633 plodding through the gates to witness a dour Championship spectacle.
Wake up to a whole new world of Internet dating by combing through sleepy-eyed strangers after they first awaken in the morning.
Best of all is Thirlby, whose sleepy-eyed sexiness puts her in the realm of such vintage high school dream girls as Phoebe Cates and Jennifer Connelly.
Regardless, thousands of sleepy-eyed observers came away with memorable impressions of this fine event.
Change is not a surprising thing in the world of technology (in fact, it is what we expect), but the really big surprise in 2006 was that our traditionally sleepy-eyed industry finally awoke from its near comatose state to sit up and take notice of what could be some critical developments.
We hear in the Hebrew Bible how "Israel did evil'" and in the New Testament epistle how "sudden destruction will come" while the morally sleepy-eyed daydream of "peace and security.
A sentiment after Kinsey's own heart, it's probably what allows Sarsgaard to lure in his audiences with little more than a flicker from his sleepy-eyed stare.
As its sleepy-eyed driver moves the controls in an effort to carry out orders, the surroundings are crushed under the tank's mighty tracks.
The sleepy-eyed singer sported wild, unbrushed hair and Friday night's makeup as she arrived to appear on ITV1 kids' show SMTV Gold.
Adding a bit of class to the morning event was a bright and smiling Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2002, Isis Casaiduc, who cheerfully welcomed the delegates and jump-started some of those sleepy-eyed directors.
Is there a better way to attract sleepy-eyed exhibitors and guests than a steaming hot cup of coffee or a latte?
It's barely light as three dozen sleepy-eyed students with loaded backpacks greet one another on the campus of the University of california-Berkeley.
Sleepy-eyed hacks had to be ready for a 9 am start - with an 8.