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Synonyms for sleepwalk

walk in one's sleep


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But did you know that the actress Sameera Reddy sleepwalks in real life too?
Often, it's easy to predict which teenagers will sleepwalk.
DREAM ROMANCE: Susan and David; MAP NAP: Susan's sleepwalk route
40 per cent of children sleepwalk at some time but generally outgrow it
NEW YORK -- IFC Films announced today that director Mike Birbiglia's critical and box office hit Sleepwalk With Me will be available to purchase exclusively on iTunes in the US & Canada from December 4th through December 17th.
I believe a much greater shame would be for the council to sleepwalk into a PS15 million plus commitment to restore the structure and maintain a very uncertain future viability.
However, the prosecution produced an expert witness who confirmed it was highly unlikely anyone could sleepwalk for two-and-ahalf hours and drive a car for over 150 miles.
Explaining why the sleep disorder mainly affects children, Zadra said "Many children transitionally sleepwalk between 6 and 12 years of age.
A dangerous driver blamed his tendency to sleepwalk as the reason for his appalling actions.
Melanie explained: 'He didn't sleepwalk like normal people.