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a soporific drug in the form of a pill (or tablet or capsule)

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His sleeping tablets helped him get through his degree course and complete a number of TV and film projects.
"Because I was having trouble sleeping, my GP had reluctantly given me sleeping tablets. I just lived until the time I could go to bed, take the sleeping tablet and escape the noise."
"I was meant to take medication for my hip and heart, along with my sleeping tablets, but I ended up having to split one of those with another patient.
"Sleeping tablets are not recommended on aircraft, since they tend to immobilise you and increase your risk of thrombosis," quoted Deborah Mills of The Travel Doctor in Australia as saying.
"That night I drank three-and-ahalf bottles of wine, took 11 sleeping tablets, woke up at 6am with the shakes and took more tablets.
Glover, who was standing nearby with a man who had taken her keys from her, told the officers she had tried to kill herself and had taken an overdose of sleeping tablets.
Coroner Burke said the sleeping tablets were not prescribed and her son confirmed she bought them in India on a recent holiday.
"It boils down to a situation where for some reason or another a player thinks he might be unable to sleep, so you weigh up the merits of having sleeping pills to get some sleep versus the obvious negatives of having sleeping tablets.
She asked if I had a sleeping tablet. I didn't so she pulled one out.
And probation said the superstrong sleeping tablet may have been the catalyst for the teatime August 19 theft.
? PLAYERS taking the occasional sleeping tablet to help them drift off at the hotel before an away fixture is nothing new.
His lawyer said: "He had undergone intensive chemotherapy and had taken a sleeping tablet and drank two cans of beer.
"That night I drank three-and-a-half bottles, took 11 sleeping tablets, woke up at 6am with the shakes, took a couple more tablets, finished off the wine, fell back asleep, had a treble brandy, another sleeping tablet, a smoke, and went to the game.
The research by sleeping tablet Kalms Sleep found a quarter of adults struggle to sleep because they worry about money, work or family.