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a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadway

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Supply teacher John Gwyn Harvey could revolutionise the way we drive after devising a new retractable sleeping policeman to catch speed demons.
Surely something as simple as a low metal barrier will prevent this and a sleeping policeman will allow for grass cutters, etc, to gain entry.
Position Top Ten Road Improvement Suggestions 1 More pedestrian crossings 2 More School Crossing Patrollers / Lollipop Persons / ensure that a lollipop person is on duty at all times 3 More cycle paths / lanes 4 Fewer parked cars and increased car parking restrictions 5= General speed restrictions / limits 5= Fewer cars on the road 7 Increased traffic calming measures: more speed bumps / ramps / cushions / sleeping policeman 8 The lowering of speed limits near schools 9 A greater police presence 10 More speed cameras
Grace thought she had bundles of time to get to the hospital, that was until her encounter with the sleeping policeman.
Mr Cotton said: 'The only sleeping policeman in Arnold are strips of tarmac on the road, not behind some desk.
A diner orders Buffalo wings followed by spotted click, a homemaker washes dishes with a J-cloth and Fairy liquid, a letter-writer addresses envelopes to ME, IN, and MO as well as to Beds, Bucks, and Wilts, a driver in a semi hits a sleeping policeman, a batter grounds out mad then is out Leg before wicket, in each case resuming a fielding position as a backstop or just silly, and a stage-door Johnny decides to knock up an old friend.
His TV presenter girlfriend Kate Charman, 33, couldn't wait to get to the bottom of the case of the sleeping policeman - and even took down her own particulars.