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a soporific drug in the form of a pill (or tablet or capsule)

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Isolation and high unemployment are among possible reasons given for statistics that show prescriptions for sleeping pills there are the highest per head in Scotland.
Commonly used sleeping pills such as temazepam and zolpidem are associated with more than a fourfold risk of death, according to a study published in the BMJ open online journal.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers found that obesity appears to significantly increase the risk of death tied to sleeping pills, nearly doubling the rate of mortality even among those prescribed 18 or fewer pills in a year.
TRIBUTES poured in for Hollywood star Heath Ledger today as speculation grew that he died from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.
It doesn't work like other sleeping pills," says Murcia.
Kolkata: Suspended Trinamool Congress (TMC) member of parliament and former journalist Kunal Ghosh, accused in the Saradha chit fund scam, allegedly tried to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills in the early hours of Friday
The study included 10,531 sleeping pill users who were prescribed the medications for an average of 2.
So, after dinner had been served and our flight began to fly into the Arctic night I took a sleeping pill and tried to get as comfortable as possible.
Unfortunately, the next best thing is often a sleeping pill that will turn you out like a light.
Nytol, along with Sominex, another over-the-counter sleeping pill, is an antihistamine and to my mind is more "physiological" then a standard prescription sleeping pill.
He said while suffering terrible jet lag on tour in 1975, a doctor had prescribed him the strong sleeping pill Mandrax which had ``knocked him out like a light''.
The 45-year old REM guitarist, who was accused of attacking cabin staff during hours of allegedly loutish behaviour, blamed a pre-take-off sleeping pill for transforming him into a mindless automaton.
The usual approach to insomnia is to give a sleeping pill, which just works at night," he says.
Zopiclone is the most commonly dispensed sleeping pill in New Zealand, with more than 500,000 prescriptions dished out this year - 57,000 of those in Waikato.
Although a direct causal link between cancer and sleeping pills has still not been proven, Kripke urges additional studies as well as serious epidemiological investigations, given the fact that sleeping pill use is constantly rising and three new types have been put on the market in addition to Ambien (zolpidem), the most popular brand used in the United States.