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a cell of sleepers

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Gerry Besana, Western Mindanao Command spokesman, said the suspects, who could be part of the former Rajah Sulaiman Movement, are with a sleeper cell not connected to IS-linked groups in Mindanao.
According to a military communique in the area, the Syrian Arab Army stormed a cave used by the ISIL sleeper cell to store weapons and other supplies in Toloul al-Safa region in the Eastern desert of Sweida, massdar news reported.
"He visited Pakistan where he met Hizb commanders and established the sleeper cell," he said.
Abdel Rahman said that the rebels had activated sleeper cells inside Idlib to launch attacks on the army behind its lines.
A US-backed military onslaught may have driven militants from towns in Yemen they seized last year, but many have regrouped into "sleeper cells" threatening anew the areas they vacated, security officials and analysts say.
"Security forces arrested an eight-member sleeper cell in the province following accurate intelligence tips," Maj.
The FX channel described Sleeper Cell as the first American drama to feature a Muslim as the lead heroic character.
As with reports about the 9/11 hijackers, "Sleeper Cell" finds irony in how these jihadists "go native" while stationed here, from frequenting strip clubs to holding all-American outdoor barbecues.
But the family, hiding behind the facade of an upscale home and the son's attendance at a public school, is a terrorist sleeper cell.
The FSB security service said it had cut short the activity of what it called a four-man Islamic State sleeper cell which was taking instructions from someone in Syria via the Telegram messenger service.
A SERIES of terror attacks have been foiled in Russia after members of an Islamic State sleeper cell were detained, according to officials in Moscow.
Hadara was the second in command to Ahmad Salim Mikati, who led an ISIS sleeper cell in Asoun, north Lebanon.
Information revealed that the sleeper cell received training on blowing up buildings and killing people and was due to arrive in Iran for intensive training and to meet cleric Assad Qaseer to get a fatwa on jihad declared by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Kaminei in his speech.
While the average Bush-voting American's image of a terrorist probably still includes a stick-on beard and a tea-towel, the makers of Sleeper Cell have tossed their countryfolk a curve-ball by implying religious extremists wear gear from GAP rather than the laundry cupboard.
Sleeper Cell focuses on the efforts of a specialist FBI unit to uncover Islamic terrorist activities in the USA.