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get rid of by sleeping

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Meningitis UK's chief executive Steve Dayman said: "We've come across tragic cases where students have gone to bed to sleep off a hangover and have later been found either dangerously ill or dead in the morning.
Crooks had taken Davies to his stepfather John Brocklesby's home, in Cobden Street, to sleep off the alcohol.
We recommend that the costs of being admitted to hospital to sleep off alcoholic excess should be met by individuals, not the NHS," said Henry Featherstone, head of the think-tank's health unit.
Policy Exchange said excess drinking over New Year could cost the NHS pounds 23 million and individuals, should cover the cost of being admitted to hospital to sleep off the effects of drinking too much.
The idea for a supervised area where drunks can safely sleep off the effects of excess alcohol was raised after Health Minister Edwina Hart spent a Friday evening at the University Hospital of Wales' emergency department.
A SPECIAL "drunk tank" could be set up for injured New Year revellers to sleep off the effects of too much alcohol.
As she tried to sleep off the devastating side-effects in a darkened room, her mum Fiona Roth, 43, of Astonbury Green, Easterside, explained how one drink turned her daughter's dream holiday into a nightmare.
Around one in seven workers said they tried to have a catnap in the office to sleep off a hangover, either at their desk, in the toilet or even during a meeting.
He had to sleep off his stupor in the cells before he could be charged.
Barely awake and desperate to go home and sleep off a hangover, grizzled NYPD detective Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) is far from pleased when he is unexpectedly assigned babysitting duties.
l Drunken revellers celebrating the introduction of the new licensing laws will be able to sleep off the booze at a makeshift all night clinic on Newcastle's historic Quayside.
Drunken revellers will be able to sleep off the booze at a makeshift all-night clinic opening on Tyneside from this weekend.
You can just sleep off the loss then come right back and play another game,'' Kings goalie Jason LaBarbera said.
They have gained powerful political allies who operate in very different ways from the power brokers described in Behrman's book, and they are generating a not-so-quiet and persistent rebellion that is revolutionizing the drug industry while we sleep off our hangovers and deal with our indigestion.
Tony, 25, had staggered back to the camp where he and the band were staying and was trying to sleep off the drink when he suddenly found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.