sleep around

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  • verb

Synonyms for sleep around

be sexually active with more than one partner

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LINFORD Christie and Stacey Solomon clashed when the sprinter claimed society says it's OK for men to sleep around but not women.
30pm and he normally has a sleep around four or five.
With crackling, alliterative prose and a propensity for puns (they alone were worth the cover price), Harrison didn't as much judge as celebrate that the rich and famous liked to sleep around, whether the celeb in question was Marilyn, Elvis, Liberace, or Tab.
Doesn't polyamory have the reputation of being for people who want to sleep around without committing to anyone?
Imagine a reality show where the competitors are sweet, quirky folks who don't sleep around or slander each other's good name and where you find yourself cheering for them all.
WILL I get a knighthood if I take drugs, sleep around and swear?
Anna (Samantha Mathis) is your standard-issue career woman who likes to sleep around due to an oddly unrequited romance with Miles (Ken Marino), who still pines for her.