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Synonyms for sleekness

a radiant brightness or glow, usually due to light reflected from a smooth surface

Synonyms for sleekness

the quality of being well-groomed and neatly tailored

the smooth feel of silk fabric


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The four-door crossover coupe, marries the presence of an SUV with the sleekness of sporty coupe, but critically its aesthetics are matched by ability.
Her black tights and knit shorts give her look a sporty sleekness.
It's that combination of sleekness and aggression that makes the F-TYPE Coupe such an accomplished styling job.
"Aesthetically, its lightweight aluminum body construction combines the sleekness of modernity and classical charm; whereas, performance-wise, it's advanced driving technologies provide an unforgettable driving experience.
JEOL's scanning electron microscope, the JSM-iT300LV, brings the sleekness of tablet interface with fingertip control to the microscopy lab.
If you needed confirmation, look no further than the fender skirt -- one doesn't come across too many these days on the road -- and the distinctive sleekness of its tapered back.
The best thing here is the sleekness of modern Moscow, where much of the action takes place.
Designed with precision, the form factor of the LapTab exemplifies sleekness and simplicity sporting a 10.1" IPS vibrant display.
But it was Akar's design that stood out for its sleekness, simplicity and timelessness.
With a spirit of athleticism in the air, a graphic fusion of clean shapes and sporty sleekness pushes accessories across the finish line.
The bolstered battery, of course, will add some bulk to the handset, so users must decide if they are willing to trade sleekness for extended power.
This app combines the (few) benefits of an overhead -- the ability to write or draw on slides -- with the sleekness of an iPad.
Adding to the sleekness of exterior styling is the shark fin antenna.
Compared to the sleekness and finesse of a Lab (Aston Martin), the Chessie is that loud, big-block Chevy Camaro.