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Synonyms for sleek

Synonyms for sleek

smooth and lustrous as if polished

having slender and graceful lines

affectedly and self-servingly earnest

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

sleek over: to conceal or make light of a fault or offense

Synonyms for sleek

make slick or smooth


well-groomed and neatly tailored

Related Words

designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow

having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light

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BEIRUT: The graceful balding man sleekly moves around the miniscule space.
As an Arabic channel for Arabic people, Sky News Arabia, has already created a relationship with its audience through its sleekly designed website and is looking to strengthen this platform with the addition of the new video blog.
when one of the kids, the taller one, sleekly smooth,
Managing to be both sleekly modern and rustic and homely at the same time, it's the ideal break for all you self-sufficient non-lovers of fuss.
The Motorola i897 Ferrari Special Edition, available in red and yellow colours, is sleekly designed and includes Ferrari digital content such as branded skins and themes, wallpapers, video, ring tones and the Ferrari GT: Evolution game by Gameloft.
0-litre engine spitting out 215 horsepower under its sleekly sweptback design, this Made-in-the-UAE sports car has an even deadlier bite.
This highly versatile system is built for the executive experience -- with a sleekly designed large HD display for natural interaction that is also incredibly simple to use.
Built on Audi's new A4 architecture, the sleekly styled Q5 slices through city streets and can saunter up inclines angled at up to 30 degrees.
Sleekly modern waste receptacles have now replaced the old trash cans and already give the streets a more uniform appearance.
On the south and east sides, timber cladding enhances the bucolic spirit, but north and west facades are sleekly urbane, wrapped in thin, perforated aluminium panels, which let in air and light to the parking floors behind.
The sleekly designed Sorapot teapot debuted in a new mirror polish ($250) recently, after its launch earlier this year in a satin finish ($200).
The sleekly chic AQUARACER Lady version is loaded with the same superlative features as its diamond-rich sisters.
Sleekly constructed in stainless steel with double skinned internal compartment, it keeps food and drink cool for up to 48 hours and costs pounds 176.
He runs El Ultimo Tango, dedicated to the sleekly sweeping sounds of Argentina, both pre-and post-Astor Piazzolla, but jazz is his greatest love.
Besides walking down stairs sleekly and sinuously, Slinkies have found themselves in some unusual places.