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Synonyms for sleek

Synonyms for sleek

smooth and lustrous as if polished

having slender and graceful lines

affectedly and self-servingly earnest

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

sleek over: to conceal or make light of a fault or offense

Synonyms for sleek

make slick or smooth


well-groomed and neatly tailored

Related Words

designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow

having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light

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The new Nissan X-Trail has a sleeker, more car-like look
While the photos of the 2014 Cherokee were met with disappointment, the car in-person looks much sleeker and not as round as in the photos.
A CVS/pharmacy spokesman points out that the app has been updated with a sleeker design, including an easy-to-navigate home screen, scronable icons and an intuitive interface.
Nicole Kidman's known for her mass of curls but this time she's gone for a sleeker semi updo.
iKey has redesigned its popular DW-860 rugged wireless keyboard into a sleeker, more compact case with no protruding battery pack.
IntelA Centrino 2A Processor enables faster PC speed, reduces power requirements, saves on battery life, helps the environment and comes in smaller packages for sleeker, more compact computer design.
The Speed has a more aggressive and sleeker stance, as well as a lowered ride height and uprated suspension, while its handfinished interior includes the option of an 1,100-watt Naim sound system, complete with iPod and MP3 compatibility.
Choose the right size, for example, large for sleeker styles, medium for more movement and root-lift, a professional dryer with a cold shot can also help to remove any static from your hair.
Ultimately, sleeker and more efficient deliverers of instant photographic gratification spelled the end of the Polaroid's reign.
Why not launch a restaurant that offered a similar range of fresh fish in a sleeker environment?
The new model is sleeker than its predecessor despite being fatter and having a wider track to improve handling.
The improved range benefits from a sleeker, contemporary and modern can design, incorporating a new twist mechanism unique to the male fixture.
The latest version supports over 14 different languages and features a new, sleeker user interface to make it easier for educators to use.
The smaller, sleeker body of the 273 and 373 microscopes occupy a lesser footprint on the work surface.
So her company's big push was the 2008 Ford Escape and Escape Hybrid -- plusher, sleeker versions of the small sport utility vehicle.