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a dog trained to draw a sled usually in a team

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MANFOOD rations for human consumption, as opposed to those for sledge dogs
2006: Graubunden-Cup Sledge Dog Race Locality: Langlaufzentrum Spluegen Phone: 081 650 90 30 Info: www.
Reports such as Lyon's, not to mention observations by Royal Navy officers of the impressive use of sledge dogs by the Inuit (e.
In her book Harnessed to the Pole, Nickerson follows the traces of the many sledge dogs who accompanied eight American Arctic explorers in their quest to discover remnants of the lost Franklin expedition and to reach the North Pole during the second half of the 19th century.
Bingham, "Sledging and Sledge Dogs," Polar Record 21 (1941): 367-85.
The food was originally intended for Antarctic sledge dogs.
Although there are no huskies on their Northgate North Pole expedition, they are eating food originally intended for Antarctic sledge dogs.
He flies to Alaska to pick up his inheritance, only to find that it consists of only a log cabin and a team of sledge dogs.
The writer used an out-of-date 1910 diary produced by Scottish distillers Dawson's Whisky Company to record everyday events including looking after the sledge dogs.
There are about 200 houses and 2,400 sledge dogs, which makes it very important to wipe your feet before going inside.
He observes the sledge dogs and the evocative grandeur of the sea ice, the mountains and icebergs, the glaciers, and the fjords.