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Synonyms for sledding

the sport of riding on a sled or sleigh

advancing toward a goal


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To check the status of skating, sledding and snowboarding areas, residents may access the districts Rainout Line in five different ways: call (630) 883-4242; visit napervilleparks.
During a visit to a 94-year-old elder named Qappik, our conversation turned to the topic of the approaching spring and I asked if she had ever run out of snow while on a dog sledding journey.
was paralyzed when she hit a tree while sledding and the city found itself responsible for a $2 million judgment.
According to The Associated Press, Dubuque, Iowa, has banned sledding at 48 of its 50 municipal parks.
People come from as far away as Australia to go on a dog sledding adventure with the Taylors.
Commercial operations aside, only a single site in the mountains east of Eugene has been designated as safe for sledding and innertubing by the U.
PRM principles didn't exist by name back in 1970, but common sense did, and our sledding accident could have been avoided by simply taking the time to apply a little common sense/PRM.
After sledding through the finish line, loyal canines will lap at my windburned face as spectators shower me with champagne.
If all collections are rooted in fond memory, it's a wonder there aren't more sled collections, for what brings a smile to an aging baby boomer's face more quickly than recollections of youthful sledding adventures?
Dog sledding has a long history at Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra.
For 27-year-old Austrian Martin Rettl, extreme sledding is a perfect match for an extreme hairdo: his spiked coif is dyed red, purple, and blue--Rettl claims his "do" helped him become the 2001 skeleton world champion.
My cousins and I went sledding, and they were making me laugh--so much that I fell onto my sled backward as it started to glide down the hill.
require sledding something heavy or awkward over the snow.
He used to take us sledding with it when I was a kid, and I remember thinking it was pretty old even then.
Within Switzerland there is a whole network of "serious" sledding trails--long, steep, winding paths entirely unrelated to the gentle hillsides on which children pass a snowy afternoon.