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Synonyms for sledding

the sport of riding on a sled or sleigh

advancing toward a goal


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Black Spruce Dog Sledding's dogs compete in 200-400 mile races in addition to the Iditarod.
A Striking Feature While sledding remains a staple of the American childhood, parents no longer send their kids up snowy slopes alone with nary a second thought.
Dog sleds have been used for travel for thousands of years, and Winter Fest visitors can watch dog sledding up close.
Reyes also took this snap of the great view at the sledding area.
hardest thing done." Taylor-Joyce Shellie, who was new to dog sledding, discovered a very different reality when she arrived in Norway on March 25.
During a visit to a 94-year-old elder named Qappik, our conversation turned to the topic of the approaching spring and I asked if she had ever run out of snow while on a dog sledding journey.
A five-year-old girl in Omaha, Neb., was paralyzed when she hit a tree while sledding and the city found itself responsible for a $2 million judgment.
Their business is offering dog sledding adventures to ordinary people during the winter.
Two years ago, at the end of winter sledding season, I purchased two fiberglass children's saucer sleds for the low price of $2 each.
I search the paper in vain for an article about the schools closing the sledding hill due to liability concerns (Where are the trial lawyers when you really need them?).
However, opportunities for safe sledding have been scarce in the central Cascade Mountains, considering the hundreds of square miles covered with snow each winter.
Tourists will first be familiarized with the sled and dogs, which respond to voice commands, before heading out on guided trips, with the actual sledding likely taking no more than ten minutes.
None of us that were sledding that day had properly assessed the situation ahead of time or considered the possibility of anything going wrong.
After sledding through the finish line, loyal canines will lap at my windburned face as spectators shower me with champagne.
If all collections are rooted in fond memory, it's a wonder there aren't more sled collections, for what brings a smile to an aging baby boomer's face more quickly than recollections of youthful sledding adventures?