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someone who rides a sled

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But one childhood tradition could soon be only a pleasant memory as more and more municipalities begin instituting sledding bans because of some recent judgments requiring million-dollar payouts to injured sledders.
An avid lead rock climber and dog sledder and blessed with a mischievous, dry with, she had traversed Greenland for 46 days, pulling an 180-pound sled over the mountains during one of the worst winters in its history.
As a recreational sledder for 31 years, he's well-known in snowmobiling circles for his drive in designing the Sudbury trail plan and having served on a number of national bodies of organizations.
Players draw their own course and send their sledder for the ultimate victory or thrilling wipeout.
It seems his real mother, Lucy, was a sledder, and a free spirit.
Line Rider[TM] Mobile will allow mobile players to discover -or re-discover- this web phenomenon on their mobile phones, and to send their virtual sledder down the most breathtaking tracks they can create.
Designed to help relieve some of the burdens that Olympic training can put on an athlete and his or her family, the vehicle donation program kicked-off this summer in New York with a surprise on national television when speed skating great Bonnie Blair presented bobsledder Joe McDonald and his brother, Brian, a skeleton sledder, with a Chevrolet Tahoe and Silverado, respectively.
Dressed as the Jamaican bobsleigh team from the classic 1993 film Cool Runnings, Jane and her sledders have already completed seven running events in their eyecatching outfits.
There are many more famous Alaskan dog sledders than pop stars," smiled John Gourley, singer, guitarist, songwriter and frontman for indie-rock band Portugal.
But how can a country like the Philippines that has no snow, more so a bobsled track-a long, curvy ice canal where sledders race for the fastest time-produce standouts?
Caption: SLEDDERS CAN reach speeds of 40 mph on the dunes.
Getting ready on track in the early hours of the day, the sledders began to ski with the start flag of the referee.
Nevertheless, walkers, sledders, some cars and the occasional cross-country skier ventured into the dazzling white Washington landscape under a bright sun.