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a dog trained to draw a sled usually in a team

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In Janice McAlpine's exciting picture book, Dogsled Molly, an energetic young dog becomes part of a life-saving, trophy-winning team of sled dogs.
There were agility and doggy games in small arenas, while the main arena hosted SSDR's homeless hounds parade, a dog show and sled dog demonstration.
This year, race organizers introduced Gia, a digital sled dog mascot with a squeaky voice that fans can chat with through Facebook messenger.
Seavey's Ididaride provides summer and winter dog sled tours in various packages; in particular, their winter tours are unique in that the clients are able to drive their own sled dog team, partnered with a guide to provide assistance when necessary.
Yukon Quest and Iditarod are premier long-distance sled dog races in North America.
The movie is about two of the key figures in the 1925 Nome Serum Run i.e sled driver Leonhard Seppala and sled dog Togo.
Sled Dog Rescue, a non-governmental organisation that rescues abandoned husky, Alaskan malamute and Samoyed dogs from Cyprus and finds them homes abroad, is organising a walk and picnic in Troodos, on Saturday, March 10.
Caption: A sled dog team races through a part of the Iditarod course with little snow in 2015.
There will also be competitions for best trick and best sled dog, as well as time trials for fast canines to have a go at.
SSDR tackle Snowdon MEMBERS of Saints Sled Dog Rescue (SSDR) are taking part in a sponsored walk up Snowdon this Saturday, June 6, in a bid to raise funds and awareness to the plight of the Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes that they help, and the great need for more volunteers who can help in many ways including fostering, carrying out home checks and transport.
I met them when they were 13 years old (22 years ago), when my husband and I first moved to the USA and bought our first sled dog. They were working at the kennel where we bought our dog.
NOME, Alaska -- If ever there was uncertainty about the outcome of the world's most famous sled dog race, it was this year.
Kinds of Winter: Four Solo Journeys by Dogteam in Canada's Northwest Territories is the story of a career sled dog racer who set out to fulfill his lifelong dream.
Since dogs feature so prevalently in Arctic Storm, it's important to note that readers with a prior affection for canines will find the sled dog insights compelling; not to mention that the saga is set in 1908, an unusual feature for a crossover novel of fantasy.