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Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

of cloth

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of very poor quality

morally degraded

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complaints Nice N Sleazy are fed up with escort and drug problems
Concluded Lynn, "With this un-Christian and frankly sleazy stunt, Mawyer has managed to match his old boss Jerry Falwell," said AU's Lynn.
But man's need for dark spectacle hasn't gone away, and a new generation of entrepreneurs has found a way to allow people to experience the vicarious thrill of the dark, the sleazy, and the tawdry - all without leaving the safety of their homes.
16 ( ANI ): Photographers, film-makers, models and actors, who are sneaking into Catacombs of Paris, are being busted on a daily basis for performing sleazy "art" sessions among its six million human skeletons, according to reports.
SLEAZY plasterer John Oyston peeks around his door after escaping jail for groping women.
SIR Harry Secombe's niece is a sleazy pounds 130-an-hour sex tor turer, The People can reveal.
And Benjamin Hart, aka tattooist Foz in Hollyoaks, pops up as British builder Adam who saves Pepper from sleazy Davo.
The dark night: When the sleazy commander in chief has a stroke, the manipulative White House chief of staff installs a look-alike, Dave, rather than turn over the reins to the decent vice president.
To help his father, Noah sets out to prove the boat and its sleazy owner are doing wrong and to stop the pollution.
Hunter came across as a class act, Felice Picano behaved like a sleazy, name-dropping star-fucker.
Missy Elliott makes a priceless comic cameo, but the rest of the movie is hopelessly predictable: A sleazy director spies Honey, air inner-city dance teacher, in a club and offers her video work, despite her mother's advice to seek a career in the more stable and lucrative world of ballet(
Last year, he sold his Family Channel cable network to Rupert Murdoch, a media entrepreneur best known for the sleazy programming on his Fox Television Network.
The real dirt is often placed on an inside page of the newspaper business section to avoid notoriety, unless it is just too outrageous and sleazy, like the tobacco executives who allegedly spiked cigarettes with nicotine or covered up the known carcinogenic effects of their products.
White House staffers and their friends in the press--including the now-penitent Evan Thomas of Newsweek--called Jones a "gold digger" and "trailer trash," and implied that she was sleazy enough to prostitute herself for money and fame.
Everything associated with porn used to be sleazy, but now it's just cheesy, and Anderson exploits the strip-mall strip-club look like a maestro.