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Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

of cloth

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of very poor quality

morally degraded

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Now the council is adopting a zero tolerance approach to sleazy posters by removing the ads and tracking down the people responsible for them.
If you believe that selling is manipulative, dishonest, unethical and sleazy, this belief will not support your ability to build a business.
But Shailagh Murray and Anne Kornblut of The Washington Post went the full monty, explaining that Clinton "called Purdum 'sleazy' and a 'scumbag' in comments to a reporter for the Huffington Post, a liberal Web site, leading a spokesman for the candidate to issue an apology." Newsday also cited "scumbag."
Skinny young hustlers, sleazy gay men seeking teen lovers, heavy S/M sex, murder, dismemberment--must be a Dennis Cooper novel.
I just think they're sleazy." Times, however, have changed, and Hitchens has decided to cap his intellectual journey from contrarian to left-wing hawk to right-wing obscurantista by joining with Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture to stage a weeklong "Tour London With Christopher Hitchens and David Horowitz" fandango this June.
O'Dwyer wrote extensively in his weekly and online newsletter all through January and February about the "sleazy" arrangements.
Sin-A-Rama: Sleaze Sex Paperbacks of the Sixties is a full-color gallery of paperback cover artwork from "sleazy" sex-themed paperback books of the 1960's.
"The Agronomist really started as a sleazy kind of deception," Demme publicly admits, "a flimsy excuse for one guy--me--to get to know another guy--Jean Dominique."
'Pembrokeshire prides itself on catering for family holidays, this type of sleazy, so-called entertainment, is more suited to cities, not small towns and villages.
Today's PR professionals have moved away from the sleazy stereotypes of the dot-coin heyday.
Midland television presenter Bob Warman has told of his shock after he and his wife were threatened by aggressive beggars in Birmingham's 'sleazy' Broad Street.
For more than a decade, Phillips officials have come under fire from pro-family activists for allowing the Circle K outlets to carry sleazy magazines of the Playboy and Penthouse genre.
They also understand that Hillary had only the slightest chance of ever making $100,000 trading futures, and that Whitewater was sleazy.
At the beginning they simply quoted the sleazy stories as originating in the National Enquirer or the Star and symbolically washed their hands of responsibility for the story.
See, their apologists boasted, they're only sleazy!