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Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

of cloth

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of very poor quality

morally degraded

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Most of the tunes you've written deal with sleazy subjects and comical characters.
Concluded Lynn, "With this un-Christian and frankly sleazy stunt, Mawyer has managed to match his old boss Jerry Falwell," said AU's Lynn.
Carnivals catered to the dark side of man's need for spectacle by allowing people to escape temporarily from their dull everyday lives into a world that was dark, sleazy, and seemingly dangerous.
But abandoning your professed ideals for sleazy work 90 percent of the time so you can afford to champion them 10 percent of the time, only makes you about 10 percent less sleazy than your competitor who possesses no ideals at all.
A realization of his vision of the darkside -- a mix of classic horror films and sleazy pop culture, creativity and extremity -- "Hellbilly Deluxe" was a pinnacle of hard rock.
The decision to strip Little Italy in Dumfries of the Best Italian Restaurant 2014 prize angered customers, who say staff are being punished for the actions of sleazy owner Robert McAleese, 38.
In what might be the strangest career U-turn of all time, Elijah Wood - best-known as Frodo Baggins - ditches Middle Earth to play a serial killer in a slick but sleazy remake of one of the most notorious of all video nasties.
16 ( ANI ): Photographers, film-makers, models and actors, who are sneaking into Catacombs of Paris, are being busted on a daily basis for performing sleazy "art" sessions among its six million human skeletons, according to reports.
In Rob Roy, I played Killearn, who was this sort of greasy, fallen-angel character, who was voyeuristic and sleazy and really unpleasant.
SIR Harry Secombe's niece is a sleazy pounds 130-an-hour sex tor turer, The People can reveal.
The dark night: When the sleazy commander in chief has a stroke, the manipulative White House chief of staff installs a look-alike, Dave, rather than turn over the reins to the decent vice president.
To help his father, Noah sets out to prove the boat and its sleazy owner are doing wrong and to stop the pollution.
Hunter came across as a class act, Felice Picano behaved like a sleazy, name-dropping star-fucker.
Lu Sun, 23, from Newcastle City Centre: I don't think it would be seen as sleazy.
A clever set sums up the neighborhood with Big Ben, a double-decker bus, a red telephone booth, and the neon of sleazy strip joints.