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Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

Synonyms for sleazy

of cloth

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of very poor quality

morally degraded

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Combining the mobile-audience concept of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion with the fire-and-brimstone manipulation of the sleaziest tent-show preacher, the Hell House conversion mill created by Cedar Hill's Trinity Church of the Assemblies of God opens for business each October, running nightly Halloween week.
The current gaming laws are 34 years old and the idea is that by opening up the roulette wheel and card tables to a wider crosssection of adult punters, the easier it will be to get rid of some of the industry's sleaziest elements.
The decision to forgo requiring actual notice in absolutely all cases is understandable, given the efforts the sleaziest registrants pursue to hide their contact details in shady registrations.
The competition for the cheesiest and sleaziest ads of the season was intense.
Mike Huckabee has called one of the sleaziest proposals he's ever seen.
William Hines called the misinformation that Carpenter was lost for fifty minutes "one of the sleaziest hoaxes ever perpetuated by a public relations man.
Everett Koop recently called the tobacco industry "the sleaziest, slimiest, most devious industry in the world," whose members "also are the smartest and the richest.
INDIA--Why, despite one of the sleaziest sex scandals in history, is President Bill Clinton rated so highly in opinion polls that he will not be ousted by impeachment?
I can see why they would wish to leave for a while that place, with its numerous and widespread scandals, from the sleaziest sex behavior in the White House on the president's part, with a creature lacking all qualifications except embonpoint and its equivalent in hair, through investigations or indictments of a half-dozen cabinet members and financial corruption involving illegal contacts with quite scrutable and obviously very dishonest Orientals.
Forty years ago, Rolf and Georgine Boiten set up home in one of Amsterdam's sleaziest quarters.
Porn producers take note: the sleaziest gay video of all time, the stud flick to violate community standards across the Milky Way, would apparently be entitled Hard Young Black Jock Stud Boys - straight Rican Sex Pleasure
But all newspapers except the sleaziest tabloids are usually accurate.
By using tactics perfected by corrupt ward politicians and the language and methods of the sleaziest of tabloid journalists, Cothen says, this group of self-appointed and self-righteous individuals succeeded within a twenty-year period in dominating the boards of trustees of practically all Southern Baptist Convention agencies and institutions.
Thus, as Clinton's crime policies sadly echo those of George Bush, so does Bochco's artistic vision of the issue echo the sleaziest, most reactionary tabloid shows.
New approaches were tried out in the off-year elections, especially in the Texas gubernatorial contest, which produced some of the sleaziest commercials on record.