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The Slavey are Dene people of the MacKenzie River Basin.
Deline leaders were increasingly adamant about mapping traditional place names in the North Slavey dialect of Dene.
Aside from English, French and Inuktitut, Chipewyan, Cree, Dogrib, Gwich'in, and Slavey are also official languages within the territory.
Mercer also was the content expert for a translation workshop of key mining and metallurgical terms associated with rare earth projects, organised by the MVLWB, with involvement of translators from First Nations communities, working in the Dogrib, Chipewyan and Slavey languages.
I had sojourned with Crees, Dene, Dogrib, Beaver, Slavey, Flathead and others, and yes, even some Mi'kmaq who had answered the call of the North.
The stories also comprise many formats from "The Bag of Warmth" a Slavey creation tale from Canada in which a wolf fox bobcat and other animals steal the sun from the bear and return warmth to the land.
Second are general events--those events that we know occurred, but in the play are not linked to specific times and spaces: the Dene Ore Carriers having died from contact with uranium, the path of the ore's transport and the landmarks by which it passed, North American women painting radium onto watch dials in the 1930s and later dying of radium contact poisoning, Lorne Greene's CBC news broadcasts, Slavey (Dene) Announcers broadcasting on Northern radio their calls for missing loved-ones, and Tokyo Rose's supposedly eroticized radio broadcasts to the US troops stationed in the Pacific.
Problem number two was solved when Air Canada delivered my errant gear late that night but concerns about winning the hearts of Slavey audiences lingered for another two days--until I met Ashley Brennan's kindergarten class in Tulita on Day One.
Her dreams of musical fame, however, stand in contrast to the reality of her life at home, where she worked as "a little slavey around mama's house" (49).
The Slavey clan and other native peoples called the region home long before French trappers showed up in Canada.
They are an Athapaskan-speaking group who used to be called the Slavey Indians, but slave was a derisive term given by their traditional enemies the Cree and is no longer used except in the place names still commonly used in the area (Slave Lake, Lesser Slave Lake, etc.
During the visit, he learned to speak a little bit of South Slavey, yet another way he demonstrated to followers that much has changed about the way the church views Aboriginal cultures since the days of the residential schools.