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Synonyms for slaver



Synonyms for slaver

to let saliva run from the mouth

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

saliva running from the mouth

excessive, ingratiating praise

Synonyms for slaver

a person engaged in slave trade

someone who holds slaves

Related Words

let saliva drivel from the mouth

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There's no shortage of irony as Newton fluctuates between being a slaver and effectively becoming a slave himself at points.
In 1562 he made the first of three voyages as a slaver, sailing from England to West Africa to load up 3,000 slaves and took them to the Caribbean to be sold on the island of Hispaniola.
A slave having his shackles sawn off by a sailor aboard HMS Sphinx in 1907; Freed slaves aboard HMS Sphinx; A captured slaver is guarded by Royal Marines; Able Seaman Joseph Chidwick, who took the rare images of slaves off the East African coast
She notes that the slaver societies put in place divergent methods for using and abusing the bodies of native people.
While scholars generally agree that slaver raids of the sort Dr.
For a new look at ant slavery, Foitzik and her colleagues collected some 200 geographically diverse colonies of the slaver species Protomognathus americanus and a species it raids, Leptothorax longispinosus.
Have conservatives no heroes that we must slaver over this unprincipled politician and icon of the American left?
After Drury's return to England in 1717 he went back to sea and to Madagascar as a slaver.
But those socialist overlords are only interested in flimflamming them into keeping them in the positions of power for which they so capaciously slaver.
FORMER Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett enjoying a day of sightseeing including a trip around the Slaver y Museum at the Albert Dock.
Would a daughter happily slaver over a dish of cold liver on the kitchen floor?
TRADE: A slaver under sale Accounts, receipts, letters and inventories record in chillingly minute detail how people were treated like cargo to be bartered and sold.
The last British slaver, the Kitty's Amelia, left Liverpool under Captain Hugh Crow in July 1807 - the year the British Parliament abolished the trade.
If we won't regulate our own behavior, there are always hordes of politicians, judges and the like who slaver at the prospect of controlling the masses.
Loosely based on Theodore Canot's account of his own career in his Adventures of an African Slaver, it is a passage that, I imagine, must have been noticed by the judges at the Senegal conference, given their tendency to view both literature and racism in the context of colonialism: