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where slavery was prohibited

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Slaveless whites in such a confederacy would be socially degraded as well as politically disfranchised.
Thus there came to pass, late in the second millennium A.D., slaveless societies that responded to a technological imperative by giving citizenship to all their people and legislating education as an entitlement for all their citizens.
Cash (1941) noted in his classic The Mind of the South, even "the slaveless yeomen might wax fat in the sort of primitive prosperity which consisted in having an abundance of what they themselves could produce" (p.
Divided into a northern section of mostly slaveless small landholders and a south where the large slaveholders lived, responses on some issues could be plotted geographically.
It remains one of the great paradoxes of the war that these slaveless whites fought and died for a system that oppressed them rather than banding together with blacks against the planters; that paradox is intimately related to the questions posed by Jones in her book.