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Synonyms for slaveholding

the practice of owning slaves


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allowing slavery

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As a result legislators sought to counter this view in a slaveholding society, apparently believing that the law would encourage masters to instruct their slaves in Christianity.
Considering Hollywood's belief in the healing power of Holocaust movies, it's scandalous how long America's slaveholding legacy had gone unexamined--until now.
The campaign of resistance against the Turkish government's slaveholding and cruelties has started by staging rallies in Istanbul and Ankara and the campaign will continue across Turkey in November," Cherkezoglu told FNA on Saturday.
Rosalie remained in Cuba for a while but sent her daughter Elisabeth with her godmother, the widow Aubert, to the American slaveholding city of New Orleans, to which thousands of Haitian refugees had fled.
By some estimates, the war between the North and the South-or between the slaveholding states and the non-slaveholding states, as statesmen, journalists, and religious leaders in the Confederacy framed the conflict--is second only to Jesus Christ in terms of published works.
Abolitionism emerged in the "free" pockets within such slaveholding polities, exerting pressure most effectively where thriving public spheres and representative politics encouraged public debate, especially in Britain and the United States.
The president said: "The land of Africa is a place where all the hardship and evil doings of colonialism, slaveholding and the capitalist system have been observed.
With the onset of the American Revolution, they located republican egalitarianism within a sacred framework and underscored the contradiction inherent in a slaveholding polity allegedly predicated on Protestant Christianity.
Alas, Witherspoon was also guilty, like his contemporaries, of the founding hypocrisy of slaveholding, which Segrest shows to be in contradiction to the principles of his thought.
The Trust are seeking to purchase Johnson 60% slaveholding.
He seeks to determine the prevalence of slaveholding in metropolitan England as British colonial slavery ground to a halt.
Thus, they portrayed their nominee as a military hero above party politics, while at the same time playing up his slaveholding credentials in the South, and the promise of executive deference to an antiextensionist Whig Congress in the North.
From the descent of wealth accumulated via the Atlantic trade and its extensive commercial web, to models of modern agribusiness and labor, foreign policy templates for the control of darker populations abroad, as well as a national penchant for violence and coercion, numerous features of slaveholding plantation history have been identified as lasting elements of the modern American state.
Southern states, particularly the slaveholding states, didn't want to see a president who was opposed to slavery," Fox News quoted Moran, as saying.
As part of their support for the Cherokee Nation's fight against removal," Joy writes, "abolitionists found themselves in the unusual position of acting as apologists for Indian slaveholding.