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someone who holds slaves

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The government convicted three slaveholders; allocated increased funding to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Childhood, and Family (MASEF) to improve shelter and services trafficking victims could access; and Tadamoun, the government agency mandated to address poverty and the "vestiges of slavery," continued efforts to reduce socio-economic inequality.
Even slaveholders like Thomas Jefferson subscribed to a quasi-theological political philosophy that asserted, as a matter of principle, the equality of all human beings, the dignity of the individual, and the sacredness of liberty.
After she escaped from Maryland to Philadelphia in 1849, she made many trips back to Maryland to rescue relatives and dozens of other slaves, despite a price on her head placed by slaveholders.
The film is filled with brutal, stomach-churning scenes, as when slaveholders lash slaves, force them to fight to the death, and unleash dogs to tear them to shreds; as when a man is blown to bits with dynamite; as when a vicious plantation hand nearly slices off Django's privates; and as when the bodies of half-alive men are riddled with bullets.
Deep South Baptists set in motion plans to withdraw and form a new convention explicitly affirming the rights and righteousness of pious slaveholders.
His slaveholder, Joseph Travis, trusted him and even told him that he was intelligent and unfit to be enslaved.
Their Enlightenment-like vision of unlimited progress and ardent abolitionist stance led them severely to attack southern slaveholder evangelicals and to depict Catholics as spiritually enslaved by papal tyranny.
There she will confront its mysterious resident, who may or may not be the infamous 18th-century slaveholder Ezekiel Pomeroy.
The laws of this era privileged white male authority: whereas the 1662 law upheld the power of a slaveholder to engage in relations with enslaved women, a 1664 law of Maryland criminalized relationships between white women and black men.
Inadvertently taught how to read by the slaveholder's wife, he immediately recognized the power of words and took any opportunity to perfect the craft.
They had to explain how, despite slavery's sinfulness, a slaveholder could remain blameless.
His utopian leanings, a self awareness of Jews' persecution, his experience as a slaveholder, and his attention to British and U.S.
Now, Dunmore threatened to establish in law the principle that any black person might be free, with the burden of proof shifted to the slaveholder. Secondly, in the words of historian Winthrop Jordan, slave laws 'were ...
Slavery is "an insidious mutual dependence that is remarkably difficult for slaveholder as well as slave to break out of," Bales writes, adding, "Our ignorance of their hidden world is vast."
It doesn't take him long to paint the portraits of the ambivalent but rule-bound slaveholder John Faucherand Grimke, his overwhelmed wife, Mary Smith Grimke, their "precocious" daughter Sarah and headstrong thirteenth child, Angelina, who looked to Sarah for her mothering.