slave trader

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a person engaged in slave trade

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The timing of this process generated two important, interdependent challenges for would-be slave traders in this Spanish island.
And contrary to the conventional wisdom that slave traders were Southerners, the DeWolfs were from Bristol, R.I.
The film's title comes from the little-known fact that the lyrics to Amazing Grace were written by slave trader turned preacher John Newton (Albert Finney).
Just how futile was illustrated when it was pointed out one of the streets that would have to be renamed is Penny Lane, world famous as one of the Beatles' greatest songs, but named after slave trader James Penny.
When he marries, she is separated from their children and sold to a slave trader. Though revolutionary in many respects, Clotel doesn't make a complete departure from 19th-century literary conventions, themes or prejudices.
John Brown, whose family helped found and finance the school, was a slave trader who defended slavery to his death.
Just 26 years old in the winter of 1774, Jones was already a slave trader, murderer, and sea captain.
Exactly what--or who--convinced this slave trader that his occupation was an evil enterprise?
Theodore Canot, a French slave trader, author of the famous book, The Adventures of a Slave Trader, arrived on the Rio Pongo in 1826.
The case for the Mahdiya perpetuated the domestic use and export of slaves from the Sudan and even the famed Mahdist soldier Othman Digna was a slave trader. This is not to mention the m ost notable Zubeir Pasha who profited greatly in the business.
Holmes transformed Lankendem, the slave trader, into a dancing role when Vladimir Malakhov expressed interest in the character; he was down for four performances this spring.
This spring, I was invited to participate in a symposium in Boston at historic Faneuil Hall (named after a slave trader but the site of many abolitionist meetings).
In Faringhia, in the Rio Pongo where the famous slave trader Niara Bely, alias Mamy Lightburn, ruled, there was a rock on which the slave was made to sit.
Within two hours of pitching their tents in the bush, they heard reports of a slave trader operating a few miles from their camp.
The Viceroy of Ouidah (1980; filmed as Cobra Verde, 1987) is a fictionalized biography of a Brazilian slave trader. His first novel, On the Black Hill (1982; film, 1988), won the Whitbread literary award.