slave trader

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a person engaged in slave trade

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This article presents evidence on the process through which some Spaniards successfully became slave traders, highlighting the transition from early trial ventures around 1809-15 to the mastering of the trade by 1830.
That he is willing to raise issues such as the rape of male captives by slave traders and to point out that liberation from slavery and liberation from heteronormativity do not go hand in hand (320-21) are welcome instances of forthrightness often lacking in nineteenth-century French literary criticism.
And contrary to the conventional wisdom that slave traders were Southerners, the DeWolfs were from Bristol, R.
Another display features a Liverpool city centre road named after well-known slave traders, Tarleton Street, off Church Street.
LIVERPOOL'S civic dignitaries have got themselves into a right state over renaming streets called after slave traders.
Just 26 years old in the winter of 1774, Jones was already a slave trader, murderer, and sea captain.
Theodore Canot was hired by John Ormond, a slave trader established at Bangalan, and became his private secretary before setting up his own business.
The case for the Mahdiya perpetuated the domestic use and export of slaves from the Sudan and even the famed Mahdist soldier Othman Digna was a slave trader.
Holmes transformed Lankendem, the slave trader, into a dancing role when Vladimir Malakhov expressed interest in the character; he was down for four performances this spring.
This spring, I was invited to participate in a symposium in Boston at historic Faneuil Hall (named after a slave trader but the site of many abolitionist meetings).
In Faringhia, in the Rio Pongo where the famous slave trader Niara Bely, alias Mamy Lightburn, ruled, there was a rock on which the slave was made to sit.
Within two hours of pitching their tents in the bush, they heard reports of a slave trader operating a few miles from their camp.
The Viceroy of Ouidah (1980; filmed as Cobra Verde, 1987) is a fictionalized biography of a Brazilian slave trader.
A slave trader from the city of Yunkai, a city located on the coast of Slaver's Bay, (http://gameofthrones.
John Newton, blasphemer and cruel slave trader, experienced a furious storm at sea and desperately prayed for divine mercy.