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traffic in slaves

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In 1999, Liverpool City Council passed a formal motion apologising for the city's part in the slave trade.
In one of history's remarkable juxtapositions, both the United States and Great Britain abolished the African slave trade in 1807.
An illustrated story which brings an individual experience from the Transatlantic slave trade into clear focus.
Based on fresh archival research and nuanced, long-term interpretations of slave-voyage data available in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, Alex Borucki, David Eltis, and David Wheat assert that the slave trade remained "of central importance during all four centuries of Spanish colonialism in the New World" (Borucki, Eltis & Wheat 2015:436).
This book presents a narrative history of the demands of financial, material, and symbolic reparations for slavery and the European Atlantic slave trade. It explores written primary sources in several languages, including abolitionist pamphlets, parliamentary debates, petitions by the former enslaved, newspaper articles, congressional bills, as well as public discourses by Black activists and politicians in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
Gregory O'Malley has written a book that is sure to be required reading for students and scholars of the slave trade in the colonial British Atlantic World.
The day gives people a chance to think about the historic causes, the methods and the consequences of slave trade.
If nothing else, the debate has created the prospect of a long-overdue conversation about Richmond's role in the slave trade. Richmond was second only to New Orleans in the slave commerce.
What's it about: Wilder explores the relationship between Ivy League schools and other bold-faced universities and the slave trade. He chronicles, for example, the story of "the Moor" the slave who lived on Harvard's campus in the 1630s, and he notes that many of the schools' early endowments came from slave-trading families.
With 2007/2008 marking the two-hundredth anniversary of the formal abolition of the international slave trade by Britain and the United States, Gleeson (history, Northumbria U., England) and Lewis (world literature, College of Charleston, US) present ten essays that examine different aspects of the legacy of the slave trade.
The Last Slave Market: Dr John Kirk and the Struggle to End the African Slave Trade. Alastair Hazell.
Images such as this exist in the Western collective memory as a result of the abolitionist movement, which connected horrific descriptions of the transatlantic slave trade with the Middle Passage.
Another October is here, which means another New African Black History Month issue - which this year has something special for the activists of African descent fighting for reparations for the Transatlantic Slave Trade They now have a shot in the arm.