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a ship used to transport slaves from their homes to places of bondage

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Shackles, which would be unmistakable evidence of a slave ship, have yet to be unearthed.
Journalist and avid SCUBA diver Michael Cottman recounts his 1992 underwater exploration of the sunken British slave ship, the Henrietta Marie, in this slim volume.
His work on the so-called "golden age" of pirates, the dynamics of slave ships, and the famous rebellion on the Amistad (and more) are all widely read and assigned--partly for the topical gaps they fill and partly for his robust and unapologetic Marxian class analysis.
Back to the Slave Ship finishes the way it began, with a deep look into the effect of life on the bottom.
He concludes that the community of the slave ship gave birth to defiant African American and pan-African cultures, (145) but does not engage in an extended analysis of the mechanisms of this cultural gestation and birth.
(12.) Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship: A Human History (New York: Viking, 2008) p.
The National Geographic's "Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship" is a fascinating interactive exhibit at the Manitoba Museum until 17 April 2015.
2 AMISTAD (1997) MORGAN FREEMAN and Anthony Hopkins star in Steven Spielberg's film about a 1839 mutiny aboard a slave ship.
Blackbeard captured a French slave ship and renamed it Queen Anne's Revenge in 1717.
For example in Chapter 2, the temporal bridge fabricated between Spandex's "drug mule" activities and the sometimes fatal recourse of captured Africans on a slave ship (jumping) lacks analytical depth and clear connectivity, while in Chapter 3, the attempt to link what is identified as the "peripatetic" nature of dance events to nomadism in pre-emancipation slave culture falls short.
Previously, the author produced an acclaimed history of slave ships. Here, he follows a group of mostly Mende people who captured the slave ship transporting them, tried to sail it back to Africa, were caught off the US coast, tried in US courts for murder and piracy, and eventually won their way home.
Inside the back cover there is also a packet of facsimiles of important documents, e.g., for The Slave Trade there is the log for a 1769 slave ship sailing from Liverpool to West Africa to collect slaves moved there by their African owners.
In A Journal Of A Voyage Made In The Hannibal, Captain Phillips referred to Africans on his large slave ship as "cargo".
The latest batch of video and screens provides a peek into the intense opening moments of the game, as lead character Monkey fights to escape from the slave ship that has captured him, before it crash-lands with him still inside.
Dreams of Africa in Alabama: The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Story of the Last Africans Brought to America.