slave market

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a marketplace where slaves were auctioned off (especially in the southern United States before the American Civil War)

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They invariably ended up in the slave markets of Central Asia.
Ironically, a black US president and the two most powerful black nations in the world, delivered a foreign policy outcome that reintroduced public slave markets on the African continent.
Like a rhizome, the plot sprouts longer secondary stories focusing on the four women in Daoud's life: his mother, the proud Zoulikha, from whom he inherited his independent streak; his nanny, the faithful Mouldia, sold as a child on the slave market, who mothered him and taught him loyalty; his first love, the Arab-Italian trapeze artist Nora, with whom he shared self-respect; and his wife, Sicilian-born widow Elena, whose dignity and independence he instantly recognized.
from the international slave market. Before the Scramble: A Scottish Missionary's Story is a welcome addition to firsthand historical testimonies about Africa, and highly recommended for both college library collections and casual browsing.
Reportedly bought at a slave market in Manila, the girl was presented as a gift to a wealthy childless couple, members of Pueblas haute bourgeoisie.
Some fighters have also been filmed attending a sex slave market.
The city is finally rectifying this with plans for a 16-by-24-inch memorial sign whose wording has not been set but will acknowledge that the city did indeed run a profitable slave market, rivalled only by Charleston, South Carolina, as a hub for American slave traffic.
Goree processed many of the estimated 12 million Africans who over three centuries crossed the Atlantic Ocean bound in chains, their lives and liberty traded in the US slave market.
One video released in November shows IS men haggling in an apparent "slave market" over Yazidi girls.
Exiled to the remote mountains of Northern Syria, Kalib Akmalit has waited a full year, planning and biding his time for avenging his brother's death, a dark family past, and the downfall of Corporate Affairs—the company that made millions legally throughout the globe, but billions in the dark world of the slave market. Akmalit's deep-seated hatred is directed at the Davenports, the family solely responsible and owners of Crude Technologies the world's foremost company in oil spill cleanup with three fleets around the globe.
A Cardiff man who appeared on an IS recruitment video earlier this year said he was going to buy a "concubine" from an IS-run slave market on the Syria-Iraq border.
He is shipped to New Orleans slave market, where male and female slaves are paraded naked for buyers to browse in the inconguously civilised setting of a townhouse.
His new associates are anything but friends and Solomon wakes from a night out to discover he's just another piece of meat in the slave market.
After all, Richmond was home to the second-largest slave market outside of New Orleans, and served as the capital of the Confederacy.
Despite having government sponsored poverty alleviation and employment generation schemes in the tribals-dominated district, which is rich in natural resources and booming with both mini and mega industries, its poverty-ridden tribal minor and major girls are being sold out as commodities in the virtually slave market for the major cities.