slave driver

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a cruel employer who demands excessive work from the employees


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a supervisor of slaves at work

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At some point during the holiday, I also had the opportunity to experience how other cultures celebrate the festive season and I was impressed by how the importance of family and loved ones, especially when the proverbial slave driver was not around.
His fur was dirty and matted, and he was never patted or praised by the slave driver.
Kamte is known for having exacting standards and being a bit of a slave driver, which is why it's no surprise Dina describes herself as a terrible dancer when she started ballet, street jazz, jazz and hip hop classes.
It is a very simple narrative and does not follow the cliched way of pitting the protagonist against a slave driver.
This grisly television programme seems quite a reasonable idea for whiling away the few hours before the day job of slave driver starts again.
Her September 2001 born littermates included the bigrace finalists Slave Driver (Ted Hegarty Marathon) and Sleek Bill (Cork Supersprint), contrasting types indeed.
When I first got here a lot of people thought this was a dictatorship, that I was a slave driver, which I thought was pretty funny," Wagner said.
Hard work is important to this slave driver, but no matter how much extra time you clock in, he's still not giving you that A.
Led by mulatto slave driver Charles Deslondes, a group of slaves numbering 180 to 500 rebelled and destroyed several plantations along the Mississippi River 40 miles below New Orleans.
Paquette observes that the slave driver has probably been misunderstood by many historians.
The only non-Irish accent in the Gate's ``Godot'' will come from Stanford, who plays the slave driver Pozzo.
A good foreman is a better planner than he is a slave driver.
Noah is spared being branded after convincing his master that he wasn't trying to escape but he gets five lashes and a warning from black slave driver Cato (Alano Miller) for his trouble.
A SLAVE driver who paid an ex-Russian soldier only in sweets and lager for four months has been jailed.