slave driver

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a cruel employer who demands excessive work from the employees


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a supervisor of slaves at work

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She is looking to make good impression, but learns that her new boss is a no-nonsense slave driver intent on perfection.
In the Address of the International Working Men's Association to President Lincoln, Marx states, "The contest for the territories which opened the dire epopee, was it not to decide whether the virgin soil of immense tracts should be wedded to the labor of the emigrant or prostituted by the tramp of the slave driver?" (17) The American Civil War understood through dialectical materialism was thus the conflict of two social and economic systems.
The slave's nakedness, and the other slaves' half nakedness, starkly contrasts with the slave driver, who wears a hat, boots with spurs, a knife on his belt, and a vest.
Like Marley's 'Slave Driver,'songs like Peter Tosh's 'Four Hundred Years,'Burning Spear's 'Old Marcus Garvey' and BobAndy's 'I've Got to Go Back Home' are notjust expressions of African consciousness, but also critique ofpostcolonial Jamaica.
Without wanting to be too much of a slave driver, the waiting staff were very friendly but seemed more focused on talking to each other than engaging with their guests.
No matter how much people hate it they speak with their money and always pay the slave driver that is Ryanair.
At some point during the holiday, I also had the opportunity to experience how other cultures celebrate the festive season and I was impressed by how the importance of family and loved ones, especially when the proverbial slave driver was not around.
He could happily lose swathes of the final act, including scenes when the director plies a laughable accent as a bumbling Australian slave driver.
The slave driver made Juby eat worms from tobacco leaves, and he washed her whip-wounds with salt and brine as she whined.
This slave driver honestly can't understand why a young factory worker (Alexander Cendese, looking like an avenging archangel) keeps showing up at his door demanding the return of the arm he lost to a malfunctioning factory machine.
"Steps are getting back together, which is nice, but I do enjoy teaming up with Lisa to perform especially as we have our dad as a tour manager, even though he's a bit of a slave driver!" And Andy says his personal life is now much calmer following his highly publicised split from ex-wife Michelle Heaton.
Kamte is known for having exacting standards and being a bit of a slave driver, which is why it's no surprise Dina describes herself as a terrible dancer when she started ballet, street jazz, jazz and hip hop classes.
It is a very simple narrative and does not follow the cliched way of pitting the protagonist against a slave driver. Instead, the story draws its strength from the protagonist's friendship with the local prince his age and their learning from each other.
"I'm not a slave driver, right?" she asked her employees, who answered with a chorus of joking groans.