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a person engaged in slave trade

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These slave dealers were strangers to us and from [another] part of the state.
Horses were rare in Luanda, but one of the most influential Portuguese slave dealers, Arsenio Pompilio, a man who expressed his elevated social status by having a white page boy to accompany him on his outings, lent Tams both his horse and his page.
Circa 1756, Oswald established a close personal and business relationship with Henry Laurens, one of the wealthiest rice planters and slave dealers in the South Carolina Colony.
Meanwhile Mischa Barton plays a beautiful princess forced to agree to marry de la Ratta as she waits for the Russian Count to whom she is bethrothed to turn up, while a party of her wedding guests variously fall in with randy milk maids and nefarious slave dealers. The princess takes shelter in the nunnery too where, under cover of her habit, she entrances Lorenzo with a single kiss, bringing him into deadly swordplay with de Ratta once again.
Thus, it is also relevant to note that historians had not been able to record all the atrocities that were committed during the four decades of the slave trade which could be partly attributed to the fact that even when the slave trade had been officially abolished, some die-hard slave dealers still carried on with the trade because of the enormous profits they realized from this cruel business.
Slave dealers then targeted the coasts of Guinea, Congo and Angola and bought subjects and prisoners from certain rulers in these areas.
Both Hardmans were general merchants who had amassed their fortunes as ship-owners and slave dealers in the burgeoning port of Liverpool.
Most mills had labor agents, they called them, slave dealers would have suited better, and these labor agents traveled through the surrounding country searching for tenant families that were in hard luck.
The paper continued: "The United States is prepared to recognise all slavery as a crime against humanity, but wants to shift the focus from the transatlantic trade and match it with the centuries-long traffic in humans from east and central Africa by Arab slave dealers. But it objects to paying compensation, as does the UK."
There are special sections on African eunuchs and slave dealers. Also included here is the firsthand report (in translation from the original Turkish text) of the story of a Circassian slave-girl that Toledano had published in a previous article.
His goal was to find out what happened to African cultures after they were transported to Haiti by slave dealers. Once he arrived there, an affinity for Haitian culture developed and "took on a life of its own," he said.
Even the slave trade was outside the British empire, and African slave dealers usually controlled that tragic exchange.
Cable suggests that his name is a compound pun: Bras-Coupt's tribe lost its strong right arm when he was captured in battle and sold to slave dealers, and that same strong arm, in slavery, was henceforth "no better than a useless stump," no longer able to shake a spear or swing a wooden sword in battle.
On the face of it, it also looks like a reference to a known person who herself dealt in slaves or else assisted slave dealers.(45) We have no evidence that midwives were also merchants of flesh, although this would be one possible interpretation of Pliny's text.