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any of various ants captured as larvae and enslaved by another species

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Indeed, this "slave ant" lesson may have only been possible--conceivable--in a gendered White racial imaginary whose actual or ancestral bodies had not borne the burden of legalized racial domination.
Slave Ants If we can open wide the gates of "the fairy-land of science,"--if we can bring the child near to the heart of nature,--if we can absorb his [sic] hours of leisure, and many of his hours of brain-work, in the study of nature out of doors, we shall have done much toward making him robust in body, sound in mind, cheerful of disposition, and useful in the future ...
Wright mobilizes 19th century taxonomic categories to establish difference among families, orders, and species throughout her nature readers and this practice takes an intensely racialized turn in a lesson she entitles "Slave Ants." This lesson appears in Book Two of the series.