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Arg194Gln) was identified in the first copper binding site of the TYRP2 protein of slaty mice [8].
Results also indicate that Latoucheornis siemsseni (Slaty Bunting) is nested within the genus Emberiza and forms a sister clade with E.
The primary ore textures comprise euhedral-anhedral-grained, metasomatic, edge-shared, void-filling, poikilitic, slaty cleavage, skeletal, exsolution, graphic, crumpled, and cataclastic textures (Figure 4).
Jackson, "Structure of the Mouse Tyrosinase-Related Protein-2/Dopachrome Tautomerase (Tyrp2/Dct) Gene and Sequence of Two Novel Slaty Alleles," Genomics, vol.
The major rocks exposed near the coal mines are of Bakhtai Formation and Utch Khattak Formation which are composed of medium to dark grey limestones and inter-bedded slaty shale (Tahirkheli, 1970).The total numbers of mines, in the production and development stages, are more than hundred.
With increasing metamorphic conditions, the protoliths of the staurolite-bearing metapelites were tectonically transported and buried to its maximum depth at the [P.sub.peak], (in the staurolite zone) which is attributed to crustal shortening and thickening accompanied by deformation, which produce, respectively, a slaty cleavage Si and a crenulation cleavage [S.sub.e] associated with thrusting.
SATURDAY'S SOLUTION: anti; atilt; instal; instant; INSTANTLY; ital; laity; last; lint; linty; list; litany; litas; nastily; nasty; nattily; natty; nitty; nystatin; saint; saintly; salt; salty; sanity; sati; satin; satiny; silt; silty; slant; slat; slaty; slit; snit; stain; stat; statin; stay; stilt; stint; tail; taint; tansy; tastily; tasty; tian; tilt; tinny; tint; tiny; titan.
We follow them up, but long before we reach the slaty summit they have disappeared.
As we sat there watching, the servants murmured to one another, 'The black one's Horeszko; the gray, Soplica.' So whenever Slaty has the upper hand, they raise a cheer, 'Up the Soplicas, and down with the Horeszko cowards!' And when he falls, it's 'On your feet, Soplica!
Consisting of a 60m "ladder" of criss-crossing logs pinned into the banks of Slaty Sike, a tributary of the burn, the aim is to slow the flow of water during periods of intense rainfall, trapping sediments and rocks just like the marbles in a game of Kerplunk.
It was darker than those palms, of a dirty, slaty deadness of color.
Much of the Bluestone Quarry Formation lies within the contact aureole of the South Mountain Batholith (Halifax Pluton), where the regional chlorite zone assemblage is overprinted by the assemblage cordierite + biotite [+ or -] andalusite, and the slaty cleavage is annealed within ca.
Associated with these folds a slaty cleavage in the slates ([S.sub.1]) and a rough cleavage in the quartzites are developed (Figs.