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Synonyms for slat

a thin strip (wood or metal)

equip or bar with slats

close the slats of (windows)

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Average amount of dry matter of the feed consumed per kg weight gains between weaning and 4 months of age was also significantly (Pless than0.05) lower for calves in slatted floor pens than others.
CASH White slatted radiator cabinet; CHEQUE Traditional Moroccan grill radiator cover; CREDIT Winther Browne Marlow radiator cabinet
The Cambridge bedstead from Argos comes in a gun-metal finish with side rails and a wooden slatted base.
With its slatted cedar cladding and expressively articulated pine structure, it might even be Scandinavian, a tribute to the general level of execution.
The monstrously distorted shadow cast by Avantgarde, 2003, an oversize, white-lacquered slatted fence lit by two spotlights in one corner of the darkened gallery, signaled, from the start, that the vanguard has become a ghost.
The continuous slatted belt construction conveys product from infeed to discharge station as simply and effectively as a straight conveyor, and requires no additional maintenance attention.
In fact, while the window area accounts for 27,500 [m.sup.2] on three levels, the total parquet surface accounts for 29,000 [m.sup.2]--24,000 on the shop floor and 5,000 on the slatted conveyor--and it is here that there is another profound difference about this plant.
Horizontal slatted blinds generally stack, while a shade is usually continuous fabric on a roller.
The slatted fence and tree conspired to screen the interior of the house from the attentions of the street.
Slatted panels in the 6-foot-high, 10-foot-wide redwood fence let the dogs see out on an angle but screen the yard from direct view.
The horizontally slatted screen is over 8ft (2.4m) high, so it acts both as a sunscreen and security fence, preventing balls and other flying objects from damaging windows.
Secured to two sections of this base is a 3-foot-high slatted redwood baffle.