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Fed up with slathering on face cream only to see no difference?
Now imagine slathering it with two tablespoons of butter and tossing six teaspoons of sugar on top.
While you're slathering on the sun lotion, don't forget your lips
Monsanto assures that it won't have a similar effect on human physiology and points out that a potato that produces its own pesticide is a potato that doesn't require the slathering of toxins that most potato crops endure on the journey from the fields to your dinner table.
So as the wrinkles appear, skin sags and the hips start to creak, why not reach for this miracle juice rather than slathering on a face cream or rubbing in deep Heat?
For underarms, slathering on mild soap and water can be less irritating than gels on the sensitive armpit area.
Fran had some very strange personality traits - he suffered from extreme vanity to a level I can't believe, right up there with Sophie and her endless slathering on of oil.
Indeed, scientists have found that slathering such DNA fragments onto UV-exposed hairless mice thwarts skin cancer.
The kitchen is thankfully restrained when it comes to slathering the sauce on.
99, Garnier Fructis Get into the habit of slathering this on to post-washed hair and relaxing for a few minutes in the bath.
Indulge in pampering treatments such as the Mineral Kur--a traditional head-to-toe slathering of therapeutic minerals, a full-body steam and mineral bath, and then a dreamy massage.
Most of us think nothing of slathering on the sunscreen or donning a pair of shades to protect our eyes when we venture outdoors.
Next thing you know your undie drawer is filled with garlic, and then you're slathering baby oil on her bedroom door-knob and.
Go to a party in any corner of the world, and you're bound to find something good for dipping, dunking, slathering or scooping, writes Rodgers.