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spread thickly

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The stock market goes up 1000 points, it goes down 1000 points, there's fear of rising taxes," Slather said.
99 Sh d her ot b, 9 Sla sm Be Foo Slather your smooth feet in Best Foot Forward Foot Butter, pounds 2.
Because the balm contains natural ingredients, its success is down to the fact you can slather it on all day without any side effects - stopping cold sores in their tracks.
But when you are hitting the field, the last thing you want is to slather on heavy cream that will melt by second quarter.
We headed down to the river's edge wearing shorts, swimsuits, life jackets, tennis shoes (no flip-flops allowed), and a generous slather of suntan lotion.
Take a tip from the stars and slather on Creative Scentsations body cream, pictured right, which is adored by Sarah Jessica Parker, Dido, Kylie and pop starlet Jennifer Lopez.
Slather on moisturiser too and drink plenty of fluids -wrinkles and lines look more obvious when skin is parched.
But if you are applying the product at home, make sure you slather on the moisturiser before you apply the lotion as drier areas of the skin will soak up more of the formulation.
The company's Chicken Club is nothing more than its fried chicken sandwich--a slab of fried chicken with some shredded lettuce and a big slather of mayo--plus a few strips of limp bacon and a couple of slices of tomato.
Slather on its exfoliating and softening Foot Patrol cream (pounds 18.
After you have buffed your skin slather on this tanner which not only builds your colour gently but helps firm skin too.
We have diving contests, balloon fights, relay races and, when we get too tired, we slather on sunscreen and lay out.
So the next time you slather on lotion, rest assured: You're not only engaging in an ancient ritual dating back two millennia.
Although it's hardly Chanel No 5, slather yourself in Tea Tree and wee biting beasties of heady summer nights will steer clear of you,but if you forget and wake to discover mossie teeth marks then tea tree to the rescue, it will stop an itch in its tracks and its antisepctic properties will rid you of bites, zits and scratches in a flash.
And the friendly folks at Cinnabon are nice enough to slather margarine on the raw dough and to smear caramel frosting and pecan pieces on the bulging buns as they come out of the oven.