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spread thickly

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The stock market goes up 1000 points, it goes down 1000 points, there's fear of rising taxes," Slather said.
These days, the group is best known for its stylized Intel Pentium III television commercials, in which members fling themselves at walls, slather themselves in green paint, and disappear through floors.
Guests can choose to slather their pork ribs with Mother Sauce, Rackshack's signature house blend; Spicy Mother Sauce; Hoisin Sauce, with its sweet and salty flavor; Carolina Gold, for mustard lovers or those who want it sweet and tangy; and Kansas Sauce, a sweet and spicy blend that is Prieto's favorite.
99 Sh d her ot b, 9 Sla sm Be Foo Slather your smooth feet in Best Foot Forward Foot Butter, pounds 2.
But when you are hitting the field, the last thing you want is to slather on heavy cream that will melt by second quarter.
We headed down to the river's edge wearing shorts, swimsuits, life jackets, tennis shoes (no flip-flops allowed), and a generous slather of suntan lotion.
Take a tip from the stars and slather on Creative Scentsations body cream, pictured right, which is adored by Sarah Jessica Parker, Dido, Kylie and pop starlet Jennifer Lopez.
Eyes can be draped in Pewter Jade and Copper Aubergine then,for the ultimate party-girllook, slather skin in Molten Body Sheen (pounds 5) a shimmer-ing gold liquid.
Slather on moisturiser too and drink plenty of fluids -wrinkles and lines look more obvious when skin is parched.
But if you are applying the product at home, make sure you slather on the moisturiser before you apply the lotion as drier areas of the skin will soak up more of the formulation.
Slather your bread with regular mayo and you can ruin even the best-intentioned sandwich.
I used Kiehl's Creme de Corps on my belly during my first pregnancy and didn't get stretchmarks, so now I slather it on my belly morning and night.
COCONUT OIL Slather your hair in the gorgeous-smelling oil before shampooing to tame the frizz.
Slather on its exfoliating and softening Foot Patrol cream (pounds 18.
Because the balm contains natural ingredients, its success is down to the fact you can slather it on all day without any side effects - stopping cold sores in their tracks.