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After your shower; pat skin dry and slather on an alcohol-free moisturizer, If you shave your bikini line, skip the moisturizer--that can lead to ingrowns--and dab on an anti bacterial cream like Neosporin instead.
Yes everyone (and we mean everyone) needs to slather on sunblock 30 minutes before setting foot outside (even on cloudy days).
Slather on The Royal Horticultural Society Rose Body Balm by Bronnley (pounds 8.25) which softens and moisturises from top to toe.
COCONUT OIL Slather your hair in the gorgeous-smelling oil before shampooing to tame the frizz.
Guys slather on lemon and bergamot in Bulldog Shower Gel for pounds 2.99 at supermarkets, chemists and Debenhams.
They can be one of the first places to show signs of ageing, so slather on Lush's new Smitten Hand Cream (pounds 4.25/100g), packed with almond oil and camomile.
The finding suggests that physicians may one day slather capsaicin-like compounds on the skin of burn patients or smear it into the incisions of individuals undergoing surgery.
Slather Vaseline or a rich moisturiser all over them, pop on some socks and head for bed.
"He has burnt in the sun before because he is very fair, which is why I always slather him in sun cream and keep topping it up every hour.
You slather on your face and then wipe off, and it leaves skin beautifully cleansed, nourished and replenished.
Take a deep breath, read this guide--and prepare to slather with certainty.
Manuka on toast: take a slice of rye bread, slather on your Manuka honey and top with sliced banana.
Yes, you could just slather the creamy new Chevoo goat cheese from Sonoma on a baguette.
But you can also just slather on the herb paste as you're getting ready to cook.
As that strange yellow orb in the sky continues to grill the earth below make sure you slather your child in so much sun cream they look uncannily like Casper The Friendly Ghost.