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Synonyms for slat

a thin strip (wood or metal)

equip or bar with slats

close the slats of (windows)

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Average 4 month weight of the calves kept on the wooden slat pens was greater (Pless than0.05) than that of young animals housed on the rubber mats pens (Table 1).
They do not account for other thermal properties of blinds such as thermal conductivity and slat spacing.
"When the round impacted on the slat armor, it detonated the warhead.
'News Media: The Weak Slat Under the Bed of Democracy' is available from 1stBooks Library in electronic book format for USD3.95 and paperback for USD8.50.
"The plastic is really persistent and it doesn't go away by itself and the time to act is now," Slat said, adding that researchers with his organization found plastic going back to the 1960s and 1970s bobbing in the patch.
Slat said he and his team will pay close attention to whether the system works efficiently and withstands harsh ocean conditions, including huge waves.
LMI's integrated design build team began working with Embraer in 2011 on producing the moveable leading edge slat assembly for the Embraer KC-390 military transport aircraft.
Attach the seat's front slat flush with the edges and overhanging one inch past the ends of the 2-by-4s using 1 1/4-inch screws (predrill and countersink the holes to avoid splitting) and a generous bead of construction adhesive.
It needs to be above GO psi without slat armor and above 90 psi with slat armor.
Segmented Roll guiders with continuous slat segments provide reliable guiding by web center or edge because the web is supported on the roll over its full width.
"Sir, understand you intend for us to recover no flap/no slat?"
Predrill and screw a back slat (E) to the posts above the mark, leaving about a 3-1/2-in.
The log in Purple Mantle retains its bark on one side, but except for its bottom edge all bark is painted in lush purple swashes; three nails affix a black slat to the base to support an elegant piece of mouse-gray dried seaweed that curls out to suspend an empty plastic-net produce bag.
The FAA said up to 148 leading edge slat tracks manufactured by a Boeing sub-tier supplier are affected and cover 179 MAX and 133 NG aircraft worldwide.
Boeing said it had uncovered faulty "leading edge slat tracks" that don't meet strength and durability standards and might affect the performance of a jet as it takes-off.