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as if striking with slashing blows

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Joven Arevalo, Barotac Nuevo police chief, the suspect used a trowel in slashing the throat of the infant inside their house in Barangay California, in Barotac Viejo town on Friday afternoon.
The vandal then slashes all four tyres on the car and bends open the driver's side front and back doors, before slashing the tyres of a neighbour's car and then leaving.
Penalties -- Despres, Ana (slashing), 12:48; Despres, Ana (tripping), 19:28.
Tesco said: "Slashing prices means that for PS2 a month families can download music, play games and stream films to their hearts' content."
TYRE slashing yobs caused thousands of pounds of damage in a drunken rampage.
These statistics coincide with the study's examination of slashes as it is much easier to produce fatal trauma by slashing at the neck (e.g., severing vertebrae or hitting the carotid arteries) than it would be to slash at the chest because the ribs provide a great deal of protection to the heart and lungs.
Vandals left a young girl distraught after sneaking into her garden and slashing her trampoline.
Last week, Lucy appeared at Perth Sheriff Court and admitted attacking and permanently disfiguring Lynne by slashing her on September 5 last year.
On the walls, three "Energy Paintings" recalled Abstract Expressionism--specifically the angular lines of Hans Hofmann--with their grayscale palette and slashing brushstrokes.
Liu got off the taxi about 500 meters away and attacked a 30-year-old woman, Ryoko Hasegawa, who was passing by on a bicycle, slashing her neck.
Slashing your IT budget will affect your profits, if not your viability for years to come.
It also proposed slashing $300 million that was supposed to go toward adapting America's armaments industry for civilian use.