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a hitter who slaps (usually another person) with an open hand


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Those telly executives are making careers out of turning slappers into celebrities but they will be nowhere to be seen when these girls are back home dealing with pregnancy, diseases and shattered self esteem.
I never saw the original Slappers And Slapheads productions, but I knew people in it," he says.
Slappers and Slapheads, by Fred Lawless and Len Pentin, was originally written as a sitcom, but frustration with TV executives saw the duo eventually decide to turn it into a stage play instead.
A mobile phone video shows the happy slapper running up to a man in the street and hitting him hard in the face.
It is a quite disgraceful offence and you all, influenced by alcohol, behaved like a bunch of over-thehill slappers, which is the picture that's portrayed by the CCTV.
AFTER its premiere at last year's Liverpool Comedy Festival, Slappers and Slapheads returns to the city.
Well he did say all Newcastle girls are slappers - and that's talking Jordan's language.
They have some really quick kids who are bunt slappers at the plate.
HOODED thugs and Happy Slappers should get longer sentences than other criminals, a former top policemen said yesterday.
Fairway to Heaven at the Royal Court and Slappers and Slapheads at the Empire are already well established shows.
He does a good,if not very taxing, turn as the DJ with the habit of putting his foot in his mouth -and got a laugh from the audience when he insulted all the ugly,fat slappers in the crowd before realising his microphone was turned on.
He branded most women slags and said nine out of 10 Newcastle girls were slappers last week.
Lane, part of a triumvirate of left-handed slappers at the top of the Lancers' order, had three hits and an RBI.
Our first play was Slappers and Slapheads which took six months to write but I'vebeen living off my writing for over two years now.