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Synonyms for slap-bang

in a violent or sudden or noisy manner


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One day the bloke spinning Bonnie Langford round his head is going to lose his grip and she'll end up slap-bang in the middle of The Sound Of Musicals.
In other words, slap-bang in the middle of IG's spread.
'It is slap-bang in the middle of the city centre, with the shopping centre on top of it.
``It is slap-bang in the middle of a residential area with a large population of young children and is in close proximity to three schools.''
But at UEL, the coupled drums come down to earth slap-bang. Yet I have come to respect them.
Conveniently for the driver - but not hospital staff or the general public - this 'spot' was slap-bang in front of the main entrance.
ARIZONA RAIDERS C4, 12.30PM Buster Crabbe exchanges his swimming trunks for a badge and braces to star alongside real-life war hero Audie Murphy in this slap-bang Western by High Chaparral director William Witney.
As you walk away from the castle through the wood, you come across a huge window several stories high, slap-bang in the middle of the path.
Its' position slap-bang in the middle of a lake means every tee-shot flirts with danger.
They increased the pace incrementally by juxtaposing songs perfectly, and unveiling an impressive array of video screens and lights piece by piece, until you realised you were slap-bang in the middle of an absolutely blazing gig of hard-rock brilliance; 4 Kicks, Molly's Chambers, The Bucket, Wasted Time.
"I didn't particularly want to live slap-bang in the city centre because it's so expensive, but this is ideal because I'm only five minutes walk from Piccadilly Station," she says.
This route, of all the options tabled, is the one most destructive to Llandeilo's beauty running, as it does, slap-bang through the middle of the famous picture-postcard view of the town perched above the vale of Tywi with the graceful arch of the bridge and the colourful houses of Bridge Street climbing the breast of the hill towards the church.
HEALTH chiefs planning controversial cuts at Nuneaton's George Eliot Hospital have seen the full weight of public opinion land slap-bang on their doorstep.
Yet he, and two of his henchmen, were sitting slap-bang in the middle of the official England Fans' allocation of seats for the game against Sweden on Tuesday.
With the double-header semis at the Millennium Stadium scheduled for slap-bang in the middle of the Six Nations, the RFU have already told London Wasps, Bath and Leicester Tigers that they expect Test players to be rested.