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Although they are relatively weak, the presence of CI, CSI, and NS is signals of upright and slantwise convection leading to the heavy precipitation bands across the southeast US.
He forces himself to focus on what's close by: a red label gummed onto the box at his feet;Pilson written in a lazy scrawl on a crate; the bulge of a sack tied with string; the clatter of the men shipping their oars, the water dripping from the tips blown slantwise on the wind.
Take the work of Samuel Beckett, which is, I think, engaged throughout in a certain kind of slantwise dialogue with Dickinson's poetry--a dialogue which has so far largely eluded critical expression.
I turn around to ask my father if he's ready to return to the trailhead, and I'm surprised to find that he's climbed the trunk of a tree growing out of the ground slantwise in order to get a better view of the bay.
Aristotle, the Philosopher, desired to know why dogs run a little slantwise! The man whom in our day we call a philosopher is quite indifferent, if not averse, to this kind of knowledge.
The "little cloud," a "nebula seen slantwise by the naked eye," is the Andromeda Galaxy, the only galaxy that can be seen from earth without the aid of a telescope.
Our cells correspond to the observation by Abe (1967b: 89) who described rib C as "lying somewhat slantwise as its basal end is deflected toward the right" and who was the first to illustrate this peculiarity, although it is not thinner than the neighboring ribs B and D.
But these objects, which keep their own counsel under slantwise weather are even stranger than they appear.
Personal access to the system is also always slantwise and preconditioned by angle of entry.
Penis surrounded with short chitinous thimble-shaped, distally slantwise cut sheath.
Within each of the three sections there are more obvious if equally slantwise interconnections.
The windows bulge out over the street, as if they were little stern windows in a ship and a door opens out of the sitting room onto a little open gallery with plants in it where one leans over a queer old rail and looks all down hill and slantwise at the crookedest old black and yellow houses."
Rain still fell in a fine drizzle; water rippled slantwise across the yard to the drain.
No action hero, thank you: I'll just take this phantom kid with a long dash of hair inked slantwise over his forehead, unevenly printed on coarse, glued-together pages that won't last more than ten years (which I figure is about right).
Z is the letter of mutilation: phonetically, Z stings like a chastising lash, an avenging insect; graphically, cast slantwise by the hand across the blank regularity of the page, amid the curves of the alphabet, like an oblique and illicit blade, it cuts, slashes, or, as we say in French, zebras; from a Balzacian viewpoint, this Z (which appears in Balzac's name) is the letter of deviation (see the story Z.