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constituting or expressed in slang or given to the use of slang

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Compiled by Qasim Yaqoob and published in 2016, the book lists Urdu's slangy words, informal idioms and expressions.
The name for this weekly offering of The Weather Channel has a lighthearted, slangy feel, but don't be fooled.
That, of course, also appears to be the chief influence on Mezzrow, whose slangy hipster prose at times sounds like Kerouac's--or vice versa.
The phonecamera (amateur) video went viral, exposing the subject to cyberbullying and countless spoofs of her slangy "So you're telling me I'm a liar?
Apparently a great many people did, because it was later that the slangy term "you guys'' began to be used, not only for mixed groups, but for groups that were entirely female.
The author also provides translations for very difficult, slangy passages but is not consistent in his translations--an omission that he explains but is really unsatisfactory.
Now, this question arises that what gender use the slangy and which one uses the formal or standard style?
None of it really rings true; and the concept isn't much helped by Christine Jones's neon-dazzling but spatially bewildering sets or, even more, by the slangy Met Tides, which over and over break Verdi's carefully set moods.
The result is an unpretentious, low-budget work fitted out with a message about the dangers of fracking or, to be less slangy, hydraulic fracturing, a controversial high-tech method of accessing natural gas embedded in shale formations far below the earth's surface.
She was a carefree professional called Angele (accounts of whose slapdash good humour and slangy talk remind one of the main character in George Du Maurier's novel, Trilby).
Written in slangy, raunchy Algerian Arabic, it was translated into Italian in 1999 by the highly capable Francesco Leggio and printed in a small bilingual edition at the author's expense.
Lawrence provides the most detailed (not to say, vivid) description of the return of Christ Himself, and gives a slangy and blasphemous account of his novella: "I wrote a story of the Resurrection where Jesus gets up and feels very sick about everything, and can't stand the old crowd anymore--so cuts out" (Collected Letters, ed.
The flavor of the very slangy dialogue, some of which has actually entered French youth jargon, will be tough to translate.
So it's great to see someone like Ifor still relishing his roots and endeavouring to keep the Welsh language, in all its multifarious slangy, colloquialistic idioms, alive and clecking.
Drew's voice has an authentic, slangy but readable ring, and his technical and vivid descriptions of game strategy and action will certainly satisfy fans of the sport.