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Never mind slanging matches, how about a win on the road?
My last two have been slanging matches but I'm not sure how this one will go.
Ayrton Senna v Alain Prost: Scrap started at McLaren in 1988 and rumbled on for six years, featuring tears, the Brazilian forcing the Frenchman onto the grass at 180mph, public slanging matches and even deliberate crashes that decided the destination of two world titles.
And he warned Labour MPs against "slanging matches" with new Tory leader David Cameron, urging them to wait and see what he actually did.
``You can either get involved with slanging matches or enjoy the build-up to our first game,'' saidJohnson.``Personally I'menjoying being in Perth and looking forward to getting the tournament started.
SIR - I would like to congratulate The Western Mail on its unbiased, comprehensive coverage of events since September 11, unlike so much television coverage where politicians of all persuasions seem to have completely lost the plot, and Question Time and Newsnight degenerate into slanging matches. This, of course, is music to the terrorists ears.
Members of Stratford-on-Avon District Council should also avoid entering into vindictive personal slanging matches with political opponents according to guidelines drawn up for a new Code of Conduct set to be discussed at meeting today.
WITH all the slanging matches and bust-ups that go on in Albert Square, I imagine Liam Gallagher's wife Patsy Kensit would feel at home there.
They put their slanging matches to one side at a bash for Edinburgh Festival stars, including actress Una McLean.
And Bulloch believes the slanging matches spurred the Scots to their 18-10 triumph over Italy at Murrayfield.
It therefore distresses me to learn that he's been in middle-of-the-night slanging matches with his devoted girlfriend, Abi Titmuss, pictured.
The two cities have a history of petty slanging matches and distrust between their people.
It's disgusting that programmes like Trisha are falling to the level of the likes of the US show Ricki Lake, where families have slanging matches in front of audiences.
What should have been a peaceful evening for Mark soon degenerated into a series of explosive rows, slanging matches and threats.
Her eyes spoke of sleepless nights and slanging matches, with stilettos aimed at that part of her husband's anatomy famously said to be bent.