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informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions

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"Peppering their everyday speech with slang terms known primarily or exclusively within the peer group helps to solidify the new social bonds," says Dorman.
Even foreign fans can learn a few Korean slang terms as well!
In gratitude for his work, he earned the nicknames "Laughing Doctor" and "Sky Pilot" (a slang term for chaplain) of the Great Lakes.
By 1930, moxie had become a slang term for nerve and verve, maybe because some people thought the drink (something of a precursor to today's energy drinks) could cure almost any illness and energize even the laziest person.
Summary: Syrian couple in Detroit area say name for restaurant meant to invoke slang term for 'awesome' rather than terrorism.
In response, the defence lawyer stated that the expert was of Jordanian nationality and was unfamiliar with the slang term aACAyyou know' that was mentioned in the recording by the Emirati officer.
skrool a slang term expressing the teen view on a number of things at once: "Screw school, screw rule, screw rulers!
The title mystified me until I worked out that 'bunheads' is a slang term for female dancers.
To use a slang term, the book aims at giving readers 'the big picture'.
A buzz bomb was a slang term for which Second World War weapon?
* The entry for "jidan" in the official Romanian dictionary will be edited to reflect the pejorative nature of the word, a slang term for "Jew." [Jewish Journal]
A "screenager" is a slang term used to describe teenagers who spend lots of time in front of digital screens (iPods, iPads, computers, other digital devices) (Webpodedia, 2011).
Googling a runner Tramp Stamp 1.45 Leopardstown Tramp Stamp is a slang term used, sometimes none too flatteringly, to describe a person's tattoo on their lower back.
Other slang words that describe men include patish (literally, a hammer) and kli (an instrument or weapon), which is the same as the slang term for the male reproductive organ.