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informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions

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Both are enormously productive and account for numerous slang expressions based on standard English.
Taking his title from the slang expression FUBAR, "(f.
Which of these is NOT a slang expression for an amount of money?
Names of sandwiches mentioned in the article by Dave Wilton include wedge, which is a male working class slang expression for a sandwich, normally eaten as part of a workman's lunch.
Lord Justice Auld, sitting with Mr Justice Goldring, ruled that there was no doubt that the word 'Paki' - short for Pakistani - was 'a slang expression which is racially offensive'.
It was when Ms Cooper used the slang expression "hassle-free" that fatty Soames took umbrage and roared across the Commons chamber: "Sit down, boy.
Apparently, it is not related to that popular slang expression, "bazooms.
However, the slang expression, it's history, is also correct: the King's Library, as we know it, will not exist next year.
Surfing the Web" is a slang expression for browsing, or looking around the Internet.
Babiless mothers also possesses the feature (+) stalite (another slang expression in itself) referring to the "staleness" of these women who, for the most part, are in their graduating year.
The name of the eatery, pronounced keh fee-GAH-tah, means "that's cool" and was inspired by the slang expression used in Italy when discovering something special.
ok, so wow), the President said, using the sarcastic slang expression of today's young Filipinos.
Sections with intertitles such as "The Steer," "The Mechanic" and "The Cross" promise excitement that never quite arrives, while pic's main title is a slang expression for misdirection in gambling.
Lord Justice Auld, sitting with Mr Justice Goldring, ruled there was no doubt the word ``Paki'' was ``a slang expression which is racially offensive''.
Although it also appears in the teacher's manual glossary, no official Catholic source has ever used "heterosexism", another homosexual slang expression which condemns so-called "intolerance" of all but normal sexual relationships.