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Synonyms for slang



Synonyms for slang

informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions

a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

use slang or vulgar language

Related Words

abuse with coarse language

References in classic literature ?
Well, tell me whether it is slang or poetry to call an ox a leg-plaiter.
I shall invent a new game; I shall write bits of slang and poetry on slips, and give them to you to separate.
To tell the truth, if the boys must have slang, I can bear the 'sea lingo,' as Will calls it, better than the other.
I once made a rule that I would have no slang in the house.
There, my hearties (you like sea slang, so I'll give you a bit) now, I want you to promise not to read any more stuff for a month, and I'll agree to supply you with wholesome fare.
The Egyptians, the men of slang, and all the fraternity of law clerks, gathered howling round the priest.
She said you were prudent, and sweet-tempered, and affectionate; to which I wish to add that you have just the face and figure that I like, and the modest manners and the blessed absence of all slang in your talk, which I don't find in the young women I meet with in the present day.
He means all right, but he's picked up so much slang here that he's about forgotten how to talk English, and it's nigh on to four years since he's met a young lady.
If you are particularly lucky, you sit on the staircase, you get a tepid ice, and you hear vapid talk in slang phrases all round you.
We will rough it, Grace (to use the slang phrase), merely for a change.
When we reached our hotel and it seemed that he was about to lose the Reverend, he showed so much sorrow, and begged so hard and so earnestly that the Reverend's heart was not hard enough to hold out against the pleadings-- so he went away with the parent-honoring student, like a right Christian, and took supper with him in his lodgings, and sat in the surf-beat of his slang and profanity till near midnight, and then left him--left him pretty well talked out, but grateful "clear down to his frogs," as he expressed it.
Milesian = slang for Irish, from Milesius, mythical Spanish conqueror of Ireland; Evreux = town in Normandy, France; a D'Uzes = a member of an ancient noble family in southern France}
br(Honestly if am to get married then it has to be with a man of my age and not a Serengeti boy (Tanzanian slang same as Kenyan slang 'Ben 10')
GORDON Ramsay must have been shocked to learn his name has become street slang for a knife.
Vulgar Tongues: An Alternative History of English Slang is a lively survey of the English language that narrows its focus to slang, covering how such language often begins as a form of defiance and evolves into its own culture when it is adopted by mainstream English speakers as part of daily language.