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Synonyms for slammer

Synonyms for slammer

a person who closes things violently

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a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)

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Gray, known as 'Slammer' during his pro career, will also train professional boxers and already has Telford-based pro Dean Jones on his books.
The winner along with two runners-up and three selected slammers will join the international competition that will take place the following day.
They've told him that he and his sibling might end up in the slammer too.
EDWINA CURRIE'S ex-policeman husband reckons the I'm A Celebrity contestants will be wishing the newcomer had been locked in The Slammer.
LIVERPOOL'S Edwina Currie is expected to be heading into the I'm A Celebrity jungle, while Craig Charles was thrown into the Celebrity Slammer.
One group spent their first night in luxury while the others went to the Celebrity Slammer – a jungle jail with no beds.
Qatada, who the Government keeps forlornly attempting to extradite, is presently in the slammer for breaching his bail conditions.
Open slammer Tyler Stevens showed us all how this game looks when you play it well, and his style and grace on the court were matched by his opponents Casey Mayo and Jim Karner (previous Ohio champs and national champs).
The former world hip-hop freestyle champion will appear on CBBC show The Slammer at 5pm.
By now, some Outtakes readers have heard of, seen, read or--and we certainly hope this is not the case--appeared in The Slammer, the weekly tabloid that sells for $1 at about 140 gas stations, convenience stores and a few liquor stores in central Arkansas.
But The Slammer, a paper completely devoted to mug shots and crime stories, has scored a winning formula in putting perps on Page One.
Mayor Bloomberg said that, if found guilty, Burress could expect a three-and-a-half-year automatic term in "the slammer" andndash; although he could serve anything up to 15.
KEIRON 'Slammer' Gray earned his nickname through his love of tequila but the big-punching middleweight aims to prove he is no bar-room brawler at Wolverhampton next week.
Big House The Birdman Pinot Grigio 2006, made from 78% pinot grigio and 22% sauvignon blanc sourced in Monterey County, is a refreshing white with apple and citrus flavors; Big House The Lineup G/S/M 2006 is made from 50% grenache (the G), 30% syrah (the S) and 20% mourvedre (the M), featuring raspberries, blackberries and some spice; Big House The Slammer Syrah 2006, made from 85% syrah and 15% petite sirah from Monterey; and Big House The Prodigal Son Petite Sirah 2005, is made of 100% petite sirah from Paso Robles.