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make a forceful move against

make a slam dunk

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She certainly made basketball and slam-dunk cute with her attempt.
From the same team which brought the basketball world the slam-dunk and the alley-oop, was the introduction of the four point box, which came into play during certain parts of the game.
ON TARGET: Jordan Ramos when he broke the slam-dunk world record
AAI offers a high-end rim called the Slam-Dunk Precision 180 goal with 180-degree reflex action for professional and collegiate play that essentially breaks away from side to side.
We are to give this guy a slam-dunk, guys," said coach Brandon.
Sprite Slam Jam, an annual event of the McDonald's All American Game since 1987, showcases the country's top high school basketball players in a "high intensity" slam-dunk and 3-point shootout competition.
Parris won the slam-dunk contest during an all-star game a few weeks ago.
The former high school slam-dunk champion is intriguing because of his size and speed and is projected to play as a stand-up rusher or strongside linebacker.
amp;quot;And we believe that Event Synchronous Chat is a slam-dunk application to build the consumer bridge between the Internet and television.
Later in the day, teammate Corey Maggette will compete in the slam-dunk contest.
SANTA CLARITA - To accommodate a record number of participants in the city's youth basketball program this winter, city officials sought a slam-dunk solution - one they needed quickly.
Approving: Jackson seemed pleased with Kobe Bryant's decision to skip the slam-dunk contest at All-Star weekend.