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make a forceful move against

make a slam dunk

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Canaleta scored his last of five slam-dunk titles in 2012.
BASKETBALL star Jonathan Moscrop has slam-dunked his way to a special award.
Spectacular slam-dunks, unbelievable finger spins and over the shoulder shots were aplenty in an epic showing from the basketball world''s greatest show-offs.
ON TARGET: Jordan Ramos when he broke the slam-dunk world record
The system includes: SuperGlass' Pro Backboard; Slam-Dunk Precision 180 Goal; backboard and base padding; and floor anchor.
If you got 20 or more right, you're a slam-dunk. You'll be schmoozing with Mother Teresa and John XXIII from day one.
Check out these two hands-on experiments after you've read "Another Lunar Leap?" (p.8) and "Slam-Dunk Science" (p.14).
Before you can say "wish fulfilment" Cal's outjumping seven footers to slam-dunk his adoptive NBA team to victory in this mildly enjoyable fantasy - which comes with a large slice of typically Hollywood schmaltz.
It seemed not that long ago an impossible occurrence, or put another way a slam-dunk.
The attorneys didn't have a slam-dunk general answer and often just let corporations die.
Much as we like to picture the solutions as plug-and-play, slam-dunk solutions, they aren't.
Preventing Dental Injuries When Playing "Slam-Dunk" Basketball
The slam-dunk winner among the season's premieres was Dwight Rhoden's Twist, a high-tech, sexy work endowed with plenty of muscle and stretch For its alacritous dancers.
"It's not absolutely slam-dunk, but it's likely that replication is going on." The study appears in the Nov.
Speaking of basketball, not since Rosie O'Donnell's slam-dunk talk-show debut in the rerun doldrums of 1996 has there been such summertime fun.