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Synonyms for slam-bang

violent and sudden and noisy

in a careless or reckless manner


in a violent or sudden or noisy manner


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Slam-bang finale to the original trilogy, with Harrison Ford taking dad Sean Connery along for the ride.
Does President Barack Obama's George Washington University speech on the deficit--which featured a slam-bang (and utterly accurate) attack on House Republicans' plan to end Medicare and cut taxes for the rich--signal a shift on Obama's part from ardent (and almost always spurned) bipartisan to Democratic champion of the middle class?
Finally, "Sevens/Elevens" begins playfully in 7/8, 11/8 and even 12/8 for variety, alternating and compressing this section with a heavier blues-y section, with a real slam-bang ending.
It is not just about leading 17 players, it is about leading the entire country," said the slam-bang cricketer.
The author's legal background allows him to give sufficient insight into the legal process to keep the reader interested, while writing a slam-bang thriller.
Children will be blown away by the incredible visual effects and outrageous slam-bang thrills and skirmishes between the noble Autobots and their sworn enemies, the Decepticons, while adults will be kept entertained by the dark humour.
PRINCETON - Last night wasn't exactly a slam-bang evening of civic decision-making for the Board of Selectmen.
Using this method, you must accept that the machine's production rate will be less than with the slam-bang method.
"I miss the old slam-bang attacks," Anderson reflects.
HONG KONG Can yet another slam-bang, cop-socky movie lift the Hong Kong film industry out of its rut?
Once the audience has become accustomed to the slam-bang approach of Tap Dogs, the dancers smilingly bring on buckets of water.
Don't look to me for a slam-bang assault on footballers' wages.
The Last Seduction, directed by John Dahl (Red Rock West) from a script by Steve Barancik, is a slam-bang piece of contemporary film noir--tough, fast and gloriously dirty-minded.
Sometimes plainness is an advantage, as when Erasmus declares that the difference between Scotus' style and that of William of Occam is about like "the difference between one broom and another broom" (77), or in Erasmus' slam-bang attack on Jerome's critics (51-53).
That should guarantee a slam-bang encounter between the Cool Smashers, out to keep the crown after yielding the Reinforced title to the Angels, and the Perlas Spikers, who are eying for no less than a share of the lead with the crowd favorites.