slam dancing

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a form of dancing in which dancers slam into one another

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It's a cozy setting for Shadow screaming and slam dancing. A participatory theatre, the band does its business on the stage while the slam dancers, their partners, and wannabes gather in The Pit.
Growling and loud, it reminded me of HC shows of my youth, tons of slam dancing and everything teetering on the verge of violence.
Pogoing, slam dancing - this lot were responsible for much of it back in the late 70s, so go pay homage.
Then they get a list of activities the cult supports, and have to tick either alcoholism, obesity, anorexia, polygamy or slam dancing.
Out-of-control beer-drenched pit, non-stop slam dancing and chair smashing didn't prevent attempts at sessioning the quarterpipe in front of the stage.
Their super-high energy and ridiculous lyrics had me slam dancing for the first time in ages (the beer definitely helped).
Another good time was a show at the legendary Palo Verde Lounge in Tempe that brought back memories of some of my earliest punk shows: a little hole in the wall, no stage and nothing separating the band from the audience, beer flying around, slam dancing, and assorted mayhem.
During Slayer's third song I got kicked out for slam dancing (that's right, it wasn't "moshing," and I was about the only guy doing it so I made an easy target for security).
There were hippies in shitwigs up there, not getting the irony that the Stooges were about everything the hippies were not, and punks discovering their missing link, slam dancing to music that predated slam dancing by 10 years.
Gish: There was this thing going on for maybe three or four shows where these guys would tough it out in the pit and very slowly these guys would be taking their clothes off, and by the end the toughest guy would be slam dancing alone, naked.