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people who have been slain (as in battle)

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He said the last slain rebel to be identified was Roger Sikin Labajo Jr.
The post-mortem report of slain protesters is expected to be released later today.
The father and the brother of Achakzai requested the Chief Minister to give name University Law College Quetta after the name of slain barrister, Amanullah Khan Achakzai.
In the meantime, followers of Jesus Christ, the slain Lamb, insists John (2:1-3:22), must remain faithfully committed to God and Christ alone.
Pramis said soldiers recovered from the slain rebel his M16 rifle, three magazines and a backpack with personal belongings.
Registration papers of a house (worth Rs 5 million) were also given to the family of another slain lawyer Mohammad Irfan Chohan.
Eight officers were slain investigating drug-related matters, 8 attempting other arrests or serving arrest warrants, 8 investigating suspicious persons or circumstances, and 7 officers were killed in ambush situations (unprovoked attacks).
The data collected on the circumstances surrounding officers' deaths reveal that 13 officers were slain while conducting traffic pursuits/stops, 12 were killed during arrest situations, 10 were killed in ambush situations, and 8 were murdered upon responding to disturbance calls.
I want the AFP to have an office for claims of widows of slain soldiers,' he said, adding that he was 'willing to spend for this office.
David March led with his heart and that makes this tragedy all the more difficult,'' said an emotional Baca, holding up the slain deputy's shiny, silver handcuffs to symbolize that justice for his deputy had finally arrived.
Twenty-five officers were slain during arrest situations, including 9 while preventing robberies or apprehending robbery suspects, 5 while apprehending burglary suspects, 3 while involved in drug-related situations, and 8 while attempting arrests for other crimes.
1 -- 2) Above from left, Aurelia Fajardo with a photo of her slain son, Alex Fajardo, Gracia Morquecho with a photo of her slain son, Alonso Morquecho, and Sandy Fajardo with a photo of her slain brother, Alex Fajardo, reflect before the start of a peace march from North Hills Community Park to Sepulveda Recreation Center in North Hills on Saturday morning during the Games for Peace event bringing community members together against gang violence as part of Make a Difference Day.
Mike Powers, owner of Powers Custom Cycles and friend of slain Burbank police Officer Matthew Pavelka, unveiled the motorcycle in a morning ceremony at police headquarters.
com by writer Jan Golab, who said new information about the role of the LAPD in the investigation could increase the city's liability in a pending federal lawsuit brought by the slain rap star's family.
GLENDALE - A slain Glendale woman's car was discovered parked on a Glendale street Tuesday, and police announced her missing boyfriend is a suspect in her slaying.