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pile of waste matter from coal mining etc

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It added that the legislation was also inspired by Wales' notorious Aberfan slagheap disaster in 1966 and the 1998 dam break at Aznalcollar in southern Spain.
You can just stop doing it--all you need is the willpower to resist the campaign cash from the guy who wants to dump his slagheap on the public desert.
2002a), perhaps as a result of the reopening of industries in Hettstedt, persisting industrial emissions, resuspension of contaminated dust from slagheap, and geographical characteristics of the region, as Hettstedt is in a valley surrounded by hills, whereas Zerbst is located in a fairly level county (Heinrich et al.
Whether it was the combined hangover from various parties is unclear, but the lethargy on the terraces was reflected on the pitch during a first half that, one brief moment apart, was about as enjoyable as looking at a slagheap in the rain.
New footage of a craft over a slagheap at Shirebrook in Derbyshire is said to be excellent, and the team praised the efforts of a woman at Lea, who filmed a UFO over her house for nearly an hour.
Raised on a slagheap allotment, the foal named Dream Alliance - after the 25 friends from the village that Jan cajoled into forming a syndicate to the tune of a tenner a week - grew into an unlikely champion, beating the finest thoroughbreds in the land, until one day, when running in a race at the world-famous Aintree track, he suffered a near-fatal accident.
With the redundant 700-acre former slagheap cleared, Project Genesis was launched to bring new life to the site at Berry Edge.
The site in Merthyr Vale, in south Wales, was constructed as a memorial to the 116 children and 28 adults killed in 1966 when a slagheap slipped down a mountainside, crushing 20 homes and the local junior school in Aberfan.
THE girlie-like Dream sculpture, or Merseyside's answer to Tyneside's Angel of the North, perched on Sutton Manor Colliery's slagheap receives a mixed reception, with local competitions to find a nickname ("Slack Alice" seems favoured).
He always remembered the abject poverty he came from and would tell us stories of him scrabbling for coal on a slagheap in the General Strike in1926.
But at a time when the NHS is chronically short of doctors, how can they justify spending five years training me, only to throw me on the slagheap because of a white lie?
But when Jon Jon investigates, Little Tommy's sordid story is just the tip of particularly unpleasant slagheap.
A GIANT slagheap was the grim backdrop when England began their campaign of the damned South Africa two years ago.
In 2001 Project Genesis was launched to bring new life to the redundant 700-acre former slagheap at Berry Edge.